Relax, Change, Create With Andrew Johnson

A Tech for Good Series

Our values are a huge driving force in the work and projects we do at GearedApp. We want to build a technologically connected world that’s accessible, inclusive, secure, healthy and socially aware. That’s why Tech for Good lies at the heart of our company DNA.

We’ve created a video series where Director Josh Carson chats with values-led business owners and discusses what Tech for Good means to them.

In this episode we are speaking with innovator and behavioural change expert Andrew Johnson. Andrew pioneered the mindfulness app movement, launching an entire suite of apps helping people with sleep, anxiety, stress and much more. With over 17 million downloads and streams, Andrew’s recordings are amongst the most popular self-help recordings across the App stores.

Encouraging True Relaxation

There is a stigma surrounding mental health, and conversations on mental and physical wellness rarely correlate. Andrew is a firm believer that just like taking care of your physical health, we must make time every day to take care of our mental wellbeing. The Andrew Johnson suite of apps is a platform designed to encourage building our relaxation response, and helps users to truly learn to relax.

During our chat, Andrew takes us on a deep dive into the world of mental wellbeing, discussing the culture shift in the conversation on mental health. We talk about the paradigm between mental and physical health and how his consumers change as the world progresses.

We also uncover the challenges of building an app in the initial days of the App store, and how Andrew found the transition from cassette recordings to an entire suite of apps.

Andrew explains how his apps successfully apply Tech for Good principles that focus on helping people, while running a profitable and thriving modern company.

Join us, as we chat about


The culture shift surrounding the conversation of mental health, and the way we embrace it as a society.

Changing Habits

The changing nature of technology, and how Andrew has adapted throughout his journey in order to keep up with the consumer and continue building reach.

Mental Health

How businesses are working on their mental health practices and what they can do to improve their Tech for Good values.

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Here at GearedApp, we put people and ethics at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about making a positive difference with Tech for Good companies, helping them bring their vision to life with powerful technology and innovative apps.

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