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Video calls for Health and Education

Ajenta provides real-time video communication platforms to Educational and Healthcare sector organisations. One of Ajenta’s main offerings is Vscene,

This is an educational platform that supports collaboration and is tailored towards research and universities. We built bespoke, native mobile apps for iOS and Android that provided the ability to use video chat on the go, and connect as a guest user. This was particularly important in university settings, where users and students were likely to be on mobile.

The people at GearedApp provide a refreshing approach to web engineering. They do everything they promise with ease and their energy is admirable!

John Wilson

Mobile Apps

The mobile apps allow users to join a video call directly from their phone. Users are able to join a call simply by clicking a link, and the app will open in the call via deep-linking.

When in a call, users can control audio, share screens, and take advantage of a mobile-friendly split-screen layout. The apps were built with simplicity in mind so that joining a call is seamless.

Real-time HD Calls

We integrated with the Vidyo SDK, which provides real-time, HD chat. This is used by Ajenta across their web platform, so it was important that we integrated with this to deliver a mobile experience that complimented the web platform.

Web Interface

We worked with the Ajenta team to develop the initial MVP of Vscene community platform web interface, which incorporated chat features, screen sharing and video calling. This provided a fully integrated web and mobile video platform.


VScene is now used by university and research institutions around the UK to provide collaborative environments to staff and students.

The mobile app and community we developed has allowed Ajenta to provide a new service offering to their customers, particularly throughout the Covid Pandemic, where video communication was paramount.

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