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Mobile app for vets to access specialist diagnosis and treatment advice for horses when out in the field

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About Equine Medical Solutions

Equine Medical Solutions’ mission is to promote equine welfare by supporting owners and vets in the management of skin diseases and cancer in horses.

Equine Medical Solutions were looking to support vets in submitting referral requests of potential cancer cases in horses for specialist review by their team, without needing to wait until the vet is back at the office to write up notes. Providing a mobile app would allow vets to take a photo, add notes and submit it for review while in the stable.

GearedApp gave a glitchless delivery. The overall experience has been optimistic, helpful, realistic and the cost has been exactly what I expected. The process was outstanding with the GearedApp team who were eager and interested in the challenges, which were very difficult. Very good value for money.

Equine Medical Solutions

Speeding Up Referral Processes

Before vets would have to wait upon returning to their office to access EMS services online, which could lead to days of lag time before submitting referrals. Now, the mobile app enables vets to upload images immediately onsite, complete a referral within 15 mins and get advice typically by the next working day. This results in beginning treatment much sooner.

Dynamic Patient Data

Our app integrates with the EMS database, so a vet can create multiple cases and track follow-ups for future consultations and treatment protocols all from the app dynamically. They can also benefit from a more complete medical history that’s easily accessible from the app.

Payment System

The EMS app is Integrated with the desktop portal to work seamlessly across devices and enable payments from the app.

React Native Mobile Apps

We use React Native as we do not need to develop two separate codebases for iOS and Android. React Native enables us to achieve high code reusability between the platforms. This saves us time and clients save money.

React Native

The Project Outcome

The React Native mobile apps were delivered in a short turnaround, within 4 months on the 1st Jan 2020. Due to the app being so user-friendly, over 50% of new enquiries Equine Medical Solutions are receiving, are now through the mobile app. As a result the business is seeing a 15% YOY growth, there is more accurate diagnosis and quicker turnaround of cases.

Due to the success of this project future improvements of the app are planned including the ability for vets to add new cases offline when they do not have a strong enough signal at the stables.

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