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Our Vision

Empowering our customers to deliver the best products, services and processes.

When it comes to delivering digital solutions, people are all that really matters. We believe that with the power of tech we can do great things for humankind, and this is at the core of how we operate. Our in-house team of curious self-developers are based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and we work with organisations big and small to build digital solutions that will make their difference to the world. We specialise in developing bespoke mobile apps and web platforms. We inject energy into our work and are excited about finding the right solution to every problem.

Our Values

Our values are a key part of our DNA, and lie at the heart of all of our work and interactions.

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We believe in doing the right thing and doing what we said we were going to do, being honest and clear.


We believe that by caring about our teammates, our community, and our clients. By treating people how we would want to be treated, we will naturally deliver the best results. We believe that technology can make the world a better place.

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We are always learning and always looking for ways to make things better.

Meet Our Team

We're a friendly bunch



One of the first stages of every project is the design phase, so Josh is likely to be one of the first (and more memorable) faces you’ll see at GearedApp. Josh provides UX consultation and interface design across our digital projects, and helps us make the leap from concept to creation. Outwith the office Josh enjoys photography especially in documenting his travels.



With extensive experience with various mobile development technologies, Andrzej, is our Lead Developer and Project Manager at GearedApp. Leading and supporting the development team, he manages each project from requirements gathering to handover, tailoring each one to it's individual requirements. Andrzej is also chief tea-maker at GearedApp and has quite the sweet tooth.


Digital Project Manager

As our Digital Project Manager, Kirsty is all about enabling creativity and helping our clients bring their digital solutions to life. Not only does Kirsty have extensive experience working in digital and traditional creative studios, she has also worked with Europe’s best makers and hardware hackers, and loves nothing more than chatting about product design. When not managing projects, Kirsty is an adventure seeker spending her free time trying new extreme sports such as bouldering, snowboarding, skateboarding and anything else she can get her hands on.


Full Stack Developer

With a background in freelance and backend architecture, Dávid has over 6 years’ experience in development. As a Full-Stack Developer at GearedApp, Dávid loves to learn and is continuously challenging himself to know more about his industry. When not building apps and websites, you can find Dávid hiking, swimming and cycling around Lake Balaton, one of the largest lakes in Central Europe.


Backend Developer

Céleste is our Backend Developer and our go-to for everything related to the behind the scenes of website architecture and development. Their varied background in all aspects of Full-Stack web development means that they love to get stuck in. When not coding, you can find them expressing their creativity through makeup artistry and exploring Edinburgh’s many eateries.


Full Stack Developer

With extensive experience in front and back end development, Richárd is a Full-Stack Developer at GearedApp. Richárd has been interested in computers from the age of 6, even building his own computer games in high school. He enjoys putting together a website, as well as server side technology and networking. When not building apps and websites, Richárd spends his time doing calisthenics and street workouts.



David’s role is split between developing web platforms as part of the team, and playing a fundamental role in our QA process. He takes pleasure in trying to “break” products throughout development to catch any bugs and to make sure they meet specific requirements. Aside from this, he enjoys playing games and exploring Edinburgh. David also owns a whopping 6 guitars, and not surprisingly, also enjoys playing them.


Mobile Developer

Alex is a Mobile Developer who recently completed a software engineering course at Napier University. As a Front-end developer here, he is a whizz at Java and JavaScript. Alex has previously launched many university related software projects such as a project management platform for a third sector organisation. Now at GearedApp, he enjoys challenging himself being able to work on larger scale projects. In his spare time, Alex loves a good game of footy (if the weather permits).


Backend Developer

Backend developer Oscar loves all things PHP, Java and Linux, and is enjoying immersing himself in the JavaScript world. Oscar joined GearedApp as an intern while completing his Software Engineering Masters, and has since worked his way up to his backend specialism. When not coding, he has a love for fell running, the outdoors and travelling, and is on a mission to create the perfect pizza dough!


Marketing Support

Kirstin is a freelance digital marketing manager, social media manager and photographer based in Edinburgh. Kirstin has built a successful portfolio of clients in the arts, culture and music sectors and works with organisations, brands and creatives to create meaningful, impactful and standout campaigns and visuals that will enhance and showcase the work of her clients across all digital platforms. Outside of work, Kirstin likes to spend time travelling the Scottish Highlands, reading, visiting art galleries and drinking good coffee!


Junior Frontend Developer

Having worked as a software tester for the last few years, Olive is now starting an exciting career as a frontend developer. Olive’s coding ability, versatility, enjoyment of problem solving, as well as her keen eye for detail inherited from her QA days, make her a great addition to the team. In her spare time, Olive enjoys playing video games, going out for walks, for delicious vegan food with the people she loves, and befriending the local wild birds (especially crows!).


Junior Software Developer

Bálint started programming at university and liked it from the get go. He mostly learned programming in his free time from internet courses (Maximillian Schwarzmüller) and tutorials. Bálint started working as a software developer (mainly frontend) in his 4th semester of university, using React, Material-UI, NextJS, TailwindCSS and NodeJS on his personal projects. He is always eager to learn new things and broaden his tech stack. At GearedApp, Bálint develops on the frontend mainly in NextJS, Prismic and TailwindCSS. In his free time, Bálint likes to learn languages, picking up German 3-4 years ago and using it ever since. Outside of that, he likes to run/jog and do outdoor activities with friends.

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