Mobile App Development

Straight into the pocket of your users. All of our apps are built bespoke to your specification and requirements

Delight your users with the convenience and usability of an app

Create a direct communication channel with your users

Enhance your brand with a bespoke mobile app

Open new revenue streams and and generate income globally

React Native Mobile Development

We're experts in building well-designed and optimised custom mobile applications with a UX to delight your users that works for both iOS and Android.


Native Performance​

React native apps perform like native apps. They are also fast because the programming language is optimised for mobile devices.


We can launch on both iOS and Android with one single codebase. This allows us to save time and improve maintainability.


React Native is the cross-platform framework. By using JavaScript all the way through, our team are better able to work and problem solve together.

Engaged Community

The huge community helps us solve problems and speeds up our development. Writing in such a common language makes transferring between teams or developers much more pain free.

Projects Using React Native

Read examples of previous projects we’ve worked on using React Native.

Stamp Free Mobile

iOS Apps

Creating native leveraging the human interface guidelines that pair great engineering with wonderful design.



How users interact with your product can have a profound impact on user traction and retention. We will work with you to ensure that your app looks, feels and behaves in a way that reflects your brand


Your users expectations of their app experience are increasing by the day. Our apps are sleek and fast, delivering high quality user experience.

Closed, Secure Ecosystem

Apple’s closed eco-system provides more security than that of Android. Apple work hard to ensure users have the most current versions of their OS so your users have access to all the latest features, meaning more consistency with your app’s performance.

Brand Association

As a result of Apple’s dedication to quality and user security, there is a high level of trust. Launch on Apple and ensure you get your brand in front of the right customers.

Native iOS Projects

Check out some projects where we built native iOS apps.

Android Apps

In React Native, our Android development team create gorgeous experiences across the platform with the widest range of processors and screen sizes. Wherever your customers are, we can deliver an experience to remember


Device Targeting

With thousands of different devices adopting Android, it’s an operating system that encompasses a large number of different platforms. From phones to TVs and other IOT devices, it’s a diverse Operating System.

Developed by Google

Being supported and developed by one of the largest and most respected tech companies in the world has it’s advantages! Android is here to stay.

Open Source

Android, Kotlin and Java are open-source and supported by a huge, worldwide community. This means there are loads of different resources and support available.

User Base

With an abundance of different manufacturers and devices available, Android has the worlds largest adoption and user base. This is a great platform for targeting the masses!

Native Android App Projects

Take a look at some of our Andriod app projects.

IMG 1892

Our Process

What to expect working with GearedApp

Agile Development Experts

We understand that to get the best outcome for your product you constantly learn and iterate your ideas throughout your project. Our Agile development process allows for exactly this. We have regular scrum meetings and communication with you throughout the process with each dev sprint lasting two weeks. This ensures we are all on the same page with the priorities and there are no nasty surprises. We work efficiently and with quality at the heart of everything we do.
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Initial Consultation

Discuss your idea with our experts and we will provide an initial estimate.


A period of research, design and planning, so that the team can start prepare for development.

Build & Iterate

2-week Agile development sprints, with set priorities for each sprint, and continuous iteration until project completion.

Ongoing Development

Ongoing development or support arrangement, depending on your needs.

What our Clients are Saying


GearedApp is always on time and very enthusiastic. They’re truly invested in our idea and success. Twice a week, I see demos, and they’re very impressive. GearedApp’s organizational skills are tremendous. Their ability to translate what they’re doing to a layman is incredible. What’s more, their communication skills are excellent nothing hidden from us; the transparency is superb. Their team’s commitment to the cause is tangible.

Del, Eventace

They are a really nice team and they deliver, helping to prioritise what was important to stick to my timescale and budget. They completely revamped it and I'm delighted with it.

Lizzie, Lolve Gift

Very trustworthy, really good communication and very good relationship with the team. Really creative and adaptable to get the project to where we needed it to be.

Sara, Aviagen

It’s been a highly collaborative process and they continue to be flexible so they absolutely deliver to timescales where necessary. They’re very professional, but also very friendly, so the partnership is always accommodating and relaxing.

Jennifer, Raven

The communication was really good and helpful throughout the process. If we had an idea they bent over backwards to try to accommodate it and were very transparent so we could prioritise what would have the biggest impact for our fundraising event. I wouldn’t have any hesitation working with GearedApp again

Alex, My name'5 Doddie Foundation

Some of our Projects

Case Studies

Agriculture, Global Enterprise, Multi-language
Medical, Veterinary
Fundraising, Healthcare, Sport