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Multi-country, multi-language native mobile apps for world-leading poultry agriculture company
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1 Custom CMS
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About Aviagen

Global management app for poultry farmers
Since 1923 Aviagen has been a leading global poultry breeding company. Aviagen supplies day-old stock chicks to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. They are on a mission to put food on every table of families around the globe. 
Under the Arbor Acres, Indian River, and Ross brand names, they are the most recognized and respected names in the industry. Each has a proven record of success in addition to a large and loyal global customer base and the company has grown to 8000 employees around the world.

Services Provided

Working closely with Aviagen we refreshed and rebuilt their mobile app. We started with building one app for their Ross brand. From this project, our partnership expanded to 6 native apps and a Content Management System (Cloud Tool) to manage and populate the apps.

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Aviagen wanted to update its mobile app to showcase the data for all its products and their brands. Their old app was limited to one brand and provided limited information to end-users. The project goal was to make the information held in paper documents (such as handbooks and product specifications) accessible within a mobile app. We designed and created mobile apps for their Ross, Arbor Acres and Indian River brands.
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The Challenge

Our task was to create native iOS and Android apps for all 3 brands and make them available, initially in 19 languages and 100 countries the company operates in.

In 2012 Aviagen created its first app for the UK market. This app focused only on performance objectives for the Ross brand and its 3 products.

Our challenge was to provide easy access to all their performance objectives, nutrition information and cover any exceptions in their data structure. In addition to the date and EPEF tool, we added additional tools and in-app documents all of which are region and language-dependant.

Initially, we worked alongside a 3rd party responsible for the backend services and the web dashboardAs the project grew in complexity, we took over the development of all the elements of the platform and rebuild the backend and the Cloud Tool.

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Key Features

During the discovery phase we discussed all the ideal features they wished to have on the app. These were then split into must have and nice to have to allow us to focus on the most valuable items first.

1 Codebase

To make managing 6 native apps easier

1 Custom CMS

To manage all 3 brands in one place

Customised User Roles

Providing a simpiler way to manage all products and translations in a centralised system

Simple UI/UX

Creating a sustainable and convient way to get important data to Aviagen’s clients

aviagen specs

Partnership Goal

The goal was to refresh their existing app and make the product information contained in handbooks and various product specifications accessible anywhere with the touch of a button.


In 2012 Aviagen created their first app for the UK market, it focused only on performance objectives for the Ross brand and its 3 products.


In 2021 we helped them release 6 apps for all 3 brands. These are available in all regions the company operates in and serve 19 languages.

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Choosing the Tech Stack


Front End

We use React Native as we do not need to develop two separate codebases for iOS and Android. React Native enables us to achieve high code reusability between the platforms. This saves us time and clients save money.

The web app was developed with React which is a hugely popular UI framework.

Key Benefits

Reduce development time
Accessible and responsive
Reduces cost for client

Back End

To help us build a comprehensive backend in such a limited timeframe, we chose to use Google Firebase. Firebase is a Backend as a Service (BaaS) that provides us with a number of services that helped us to speed up the development and deliver the project in a relatively short timeframe. We used Firestore database, Firebase Functions, Authentication, Cloud Messaging (push notifications), Firebase Google Analytics and Crashlytics. Using BaaS allows us to keep the costs low and prototype the application quickly.


Key Benefits

Firebase backend for rapid build time
Carefully selected 3rd party services
Performant and comprehensive backend
GearedApp Dev Team

Project Delivery

We redeveloped the mobile apps using React Native and built them all from 1 template. This allowed us to build maintainable apps for both iOS and Android platforms. We improved the app performance by spending time structuring the app for efficient data storage. This means that the new apps are now quick to load, and can function offline.

Each branded app provides different languages based on the targeted region, including Arabic in right to left format.

After exploring the user experience of the platform, we discovered adjustments to improve the navigation and flow of the app. This enabled users to quickly find what they are looking for.

Initially, we worked with the system provided by their former supplier, but this had limitations and maintainability issues. So we developed a separate web application to replace their former tool. 

This Cloud Tool gave admins the ability to:

  • edit products and all their data
  • manage regions
  • upload and edit documents 
The tool also offers a separate UI for translators so that they can make any necessary adjustments or add an additional language.
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How Agile Helped

Agile enables us to deliver parts of the app ready to test early. This made testing more manageable and focused by breaking down smaller elements for the testers to focus on to give feedback on. For example, the flow and navigation went first, then data rather than having 1 big test at the end.
Due to this approach, we were able to iterate and make changes without a lengthy scope change process.
As a result, we finished the project within the agreed budget.

Our Agile Process

To get the best outcome for your project you constantly learn and iterate and reiterate your ideas throughout your project. Our Agile development process means that we iterate and have regular scrum meetings and communication with you throughout the process with each sprint lasting two weeks. This ensures we are all on the same page with the priorities and there are no nasty surprises. We work efficiently and with quality at the heart of everything we do.

With our new apps, we further demonstrate our commitment to strengthen customer support through continuous innovation. Our customers will now have instant access to expertise that will help them make decisions and effectively manage flock production, thus maximising the potential for excellence in productivity, health and welfare of their birds.


Nicolas Neyra

Regional Technical Manager


Using CI/CD to automate the build of the apps from a single template is the main learning from the project. It allowed us to automate what would have been a very laborious and time-consuming task.

Key Takeaways

Having support from the client, especially with documents and explaining the relationship between the data, helped ensure the success of the project.

Good preparation is key to a project's success
Having a good pool of internal testers that were happy to spend time and give good feedback
Deliver parts of the app that are ready to test early and have testers ready
Make testing more manageable, and focused eg. the flow and navigation first, then data rather than 1 big test at the end
Iterate and make changes without having a lengthy scope and change to an agile process to finish the project within the agreed budget
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The Native mobile iOS and Android apps provide Aviagen’s clients with sustainable new tools and information resources, offering quick
and easy access to vital PS and broiler data, along with other useful reference and monitoring tools. This improves the customer service for their clients and helps support Avigen’s goals of being the industry market leader.

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GearedApp all have amazing knowledge about app development, especially our lead developer who’s always clued-in and ready to go. Professional people like our developer and our project manager give me confidence in the whole company.


Sara Stewart


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