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App Development

We specialise in building apps of all shapes and sizes – we develop cross-platform and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.

As all of our projects begin with a scoping session, we’ll explore ideas together to design your ideal app. The GearedApp team will then start building the app, with your constant feedback throughout the development process.

Check out our app process for more info about how we work. Think you’re ready to get started? Get in touch and we can get to work!


Web Apps & Bespoke Web Development

If you’re looking for something a little different, we can explore and develop a solution to fit your needs. A web app can allow you to provide new services. tie together your current processes, and even provide key data that will inform both your day-to-day actions and strategic business decisions.

We can help you build a custom solution that stands out from the crowd and has a big impact on your business. Building a bespoke web app will allow us to explore richer user experience and achieve more advanced level of functionality than standard websites.

Responsive Web Design

If you are looking for a team to help you design a website that stands out from the crowd and guide you through the tricky stuff, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you are looking for a sleek sales site to showcase your product/service or an online shop, we team your ideas and our expertise to build beautiful, current and easy to maintain websites. Our sites are responsive and will reach your target audience on any device.


Scoping Sessions

Are you looking for a sounding board for your App or Website? Do you want to find out what you can achieve with your budget or even what is technologically possible?

Why not come in and spend some time with us, with no obligation to go ahead with development. This process allows you to gain an insight into us and how well we can work together to make your ideas a reality. We’ll produce a Vision and Scope document outlining the outcome of this session, including detailed requirements, basic wireframes and development costs. This is the first stepping-stone in a long-term relationship, so let’s take the time to explore ideas and get to know one another.


Every good app needs a well-thought out and eye-catching brand to get the attention it deserves.

Whether you are looking to develop a brand from scratch or refresh an existing identity, we’ll work with you to create that all important impression for your app or business. We can also help with social media asset design, posters, leaflets and business cards – we’ve got it all covered!



Have an idea but not sure how to get the ball rolling? Prototyping your idea could be the logical first step for you. We specialise in app and website wire-framing, prototyping and interactive demonstrators.

By taking time to explore, map out and design your app or website, you’ll have a visual tool for communicating your plans. If you are looking to show people your idea, drum up attention and even attract investment, but aren’t quite ready to start development, get in touch to discuss how you can start prototyping.

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