Our Agile Process

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What to expect working with GearedApp

Agile Development Experts

We understand that to get the best outcome for your product you constantly learn and iterate your ideas throughout your project. Our Agile development process allows for exactly this. We have regular scrum meetings and communication with you throughout the process with each dev sprint lasting two weeks. This ensures we are all on the same page with the priorities and there are no nasty surprises. We work efficiently and with quality at the heart of everything we do.

Scrum Alliance


Initial Consultation

Discuss your idea with our experts and we will provide an initial estimate.


A period of research, design and planning, so that the team can start prepare for development.

Build & Iterate

2-week Agile development sprints, with set priorities for each sprint, and continuous iteration until project completion.

Ongoing Development

Ongoing development or support arrangement, depending on your needs.
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What Agile Means for you?

Agile development is all about spending time and budget wisely. By using a data and user driven approach to development, we can save you money and produce better results.

Better results, lower costs

By combining agile methodologies, expertise and testing with users early, we can deliver results in a shorter timescale and at a lower cost.

Know what to expect and get results on time

Agile development doesn't mean you have to worry about overspending. We will work with you to establish your budget and timelines, and ensure your project meets your expectations.

Scalability when you need it

If you're a software company, development efficiency is crucial for you. Sometimes you need to make things happen really fast. At the same time, scaling up without sacrificing quality is a challenge.

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A Process that Ensures Quality

While agile provides adaptability, our success depends on tight processes and expert project management.

Agile Certified PM

Our Project Managers are AgilePM Certified. They are also encouraged to constantly improve their project management skills. That means you can sleep well – you are in good hands.

Quality-driven development

We test early and listen to user feedback before committing to ongoing development. Project success is measured over time based on your product goals, rather than just deliverables.

Cooperative approach

Cooperation and communication are the key to success for app development projects. As the product owner, you are a crucial member of our Agile Team. You will be involved in all planning meetings, and will be in full control of the project priorities.

Build & Iterate

The Agile Scrum Process


Discovery and plan

Envision, craft, and prioritise project needs based on your goals and business objectives.



Based on the produced user stories, design solutions for review by the team and product owner



Product features are built by development teams and quality tested for flawless functionality.



We establish testing mechanisms to match with your business requirements and users’ expectations.



Get it into the hands of your stakeholders to review and feedback on.



Use stakeholder feedback to drive innovation and developments and to prioritise next steps.


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