Our Process

Supporting you throughout the project and beyond – we’ve got you covered


Every digital creation starts with a good idea. We will begin with an informal chat to review your needs, discuss your ideas and start exploring options.


After our initial chat, we’ll take a look at your requirements and start work on some ballpark timescales and costs for the project. We’ll put together a proposal with our estimates, to give you an idea of what to expect. This will then be refined during the scoping process.


Before we get started we will go through a scoping process, and spend time with you mapping out your ideas so we have a clear vision for the platform. We’ll then produce a vision & scope document outlining our approach, accurate costs, timescales and everything you need to know before going ahead with the project.

The Planning Phase

What will we need from you at this stage?

Explaining needs and ideas isn’t always straightforward. A brief, presentation or list of features can be very useful. We can then use this as a starting point to then dig deeper during our scoping sessions. Beyond that, we just need your presence, willingness, commitment and focus to help us understand the problems you are looking to solve, and an open mind as we explore different solutions!

Kick Off

Added: Once we have a clear scope of work, we are ready to kick-off the project! During this time we will review the requirements and milestones for the project so that we are all on the same page. We’ll also review all of our user journeys to make sure we fully understand requirements before getting started.


Before development begins, we take time to design the platform. This will involve first planning and designing the overall system, completing database designs and selecting technologies. We will then wireframe and design each screen to produce a full mock-up, and in some cases an interactive demo, to guide the development phase.

The Design Phase

What will we need from you at this stage?

The design phase can be very exciting and fun, but it is also the stage that we will need the most input from you. Firstly, we will need you to provide us with any content, images, branding etc. that we will need to design the platform. At this stage we will also discuss any illustrations or animations that will need to be commissioned to bring your product to life, and the impact that may have on the project. We will guide you as to what will be needed when.


Once the design phase is complete we can start turning ideas into reality and get coding! We like to split this up into phases (or sprints) so we can prioritise core features before we add more complexity.


Testing is a crucial aspect of any project. We have different types of testing at different stages of the project. When we get close to completion we will run a beta testing phase with a closed group of users to make sure we catch any bugs that slip through the net. This can take a lot of time and patience, but will help ensure your platform is robust and reliable.

The Build Phase

What will we need from you at this stage?

The team will be a hive of activity during this phase building your platform! While we are busy coding, there will be a few things we need you to set up or provide access to. For example, hosting services, payment gateways or Apple/Google Play developer accounts. We’ll be here to help you through this. Other things to consider are privacy policies, terms and conditions and any other written content that needs to be finalised. We’ll work with you to make sure that we have everything we need to do our job.


When we are all happy with our new product, we will start preparing for release! We will navigate the process across your chosen platforms, such as Apple and Google Play’s submission criteria, and the various different hosting options. And we have lift-off!

Spread the Word

With your product now available to the public, you can start spreading the word. We strongly recommend that you invest in a good marketing strategy, planning press releases and building hype before launch, so your app gets the attention it deserves.

The Launch Phase

What will we need from you at this stage?

By this point you should already have hosting and developer accounts set up, but there may be a few things to complete before we can launch. We’ll guide you through this if required.

Apart from that, it’s over to you! You can get sharing your platform and marketing it to your new users.


Every digital product requires support once it has gone live, as there may be any number of operating system updates and bugs that will need to be managed over time. Once your platform is up and running we will still be there to support it.

Further Development

Once you have launched your platform, we will discuss different options for ongoing development. We will work with you to put together a development roadmap of features we’d like to add or improve over time. Based on this roadmap, we will provide a package to fit your needs.

Ongoing Maintenance

What will we need from you at this stage?

You can choose the level of support you’d like depending on your needs, whether it’s simply monitoring and testing, planned future projects, monthly retainers or banks of development hours.

Should you enter into a support contract, we will monitor the platform and provide you with a portal to report any bugs or suggestions. We will meet with you regularly to discuss your roadmap, the performance of the platform and how we can continue to improve.

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