Raven Controls

Taking Command & Control to a Higher Level

Mobile App
To meet the demands of the operating environment.
Web Dashboard
To greatly improve the user experience
Development output scaled up
To meet business and operational objectives

About Raven Controls

Raven Controls work with major events and venues including; the Ryder Cup, UEFA (Euro2020), and Cabinet Office (COP26). They digitise operations by providing an issue management and operations software solution.

Our initial brief was to work with Raven’s expert in-house development team to create a mobile app to complement their web application. We then continued to work with Raven, providing frontend development resources to enhance the presentation of data captured by the Raven system within their web app dashboard.

It’s been a highly collaborative process and they continue to be flexible so they absolutely deliver to timescales where necessary. They’re very professional, but also very friendly, so the partnership is always accommodating and relaxing.


Mobile Apps built for Scale

Raven’s mobile app was designed to meet the demands of the operating environment. Users receive and carry out actions, and can log their status in real-time. They can also log any issues that need to be reported at an event or venue from the app. This all ties in with the venue control centre where all issues are monitored.

Helping staff understand data under pressure

We worked with Raven’s team to help them improve how data is visualised on the dashboard. This is particularly important during large-scale events when lots of issues, events and logs are being managed simultaneously.

Raven Control's Tech Stack

Our team supplemented Raven’s expert in-house development team to provide UI design, mobile app, and frontend web development services.

Raven required a development team who specialised in React and React Native to supplement their own team at that time. React and React Native are modern frameworks that ensure maintainability and flexibility going forward. Alongside React, we also used TailwindCSS and Nivo for Dataviz components.

React Native

Project Outcome

By working with our team, Raven Controls was able to scale up their development output in order to meet their business and operational objectives. This has meant they were able to achieve their goal of launching the Raven Controls mobile app in 2021, and rolled out their product to a wider base of users.

Our work on the Raven web dashboard has helped to greatly improve the user experience and maintainability of the platform going forward.

We developed a strong working relationship with Raven, with their team working in tandem with us to deliver requirements.

We enjoyed the challenge that came with learning about Raven’s processes, API, and the complex nature of managing large events. We are looking forward to continuing to support the team going forward.

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