20 December 2023

GearedApp: 2023 in Review

2023 in Review

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Kirstin McEwan

As the year draws to a close, we wanted to take a look back at what an incredible 12 months it has been for GearedApp and our team – celebrating our tenth anniversary, welcoming some new friendly faces to our growing team and continuing to work with our excellent clients. It’s been a year of growth, learning, and evolving and we’re delighted to be heading into 2024 still working with you to create awesome apps and software solutions!

We wanted to highlight some of the great things that have happened over the last year so join us as we revisit some of our biggest milestones, challenges and triumphs that have defined our incredible journey in 2023. 


We kicked off the year by pitching our new product, Admit, at Civtech Demo Day

Our challenge was to help West Lothian Council improve the nursery admission processes to drastically reduce the time it takes for staff to assess applications, save staff time and help parents receive clarity on their placements, making life easier for staff and parents alike.

It was an amazing journey and we had such a great day at CivTech – we’re excited to share more about our new product next year, so keep your eyes open for news coming soon!

We said hello to three new team members – Olive, Bálint and Ákos. 

Olive joined us as a front-end developer. Olive’s keen eye for detail inherited from her QA days, has made her a great addition to the team.

Bálint joined us as a Junior Software Developer, and develops on the frontend, mainly in NextJS, Prismic and TailwindCSS. 

Ákos is an experienced senior full-stack developer bringing experience working in finance software and years of agency life.

As well as welcoming our brilliant three new team members, we’ve continued to work with our core GearedApp team – Josh, Andrzej, Dávid, Céleste, Kiril, David, Aleks and Oscar. Our team works extremely hard, and we are all proud to be part of Scotland’s thriving tech community!

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We also made sure to spend time with each other outside of work, and were lucky enough to get together for a week-long Workation! With many of us working remotely, it was a great opportunity for us all to get together and meet each other in person – many of us for the first time.

We kicked things off in Edinburgh for a spot of sightseeing and delicious food at the New Street Market at the Omni Centre before heading North to the excellent Comrie Croft. We spent the week eating good food, playing games, wandering the hills nearby, checking out the local pubs, Bushcraft Olympics and a full-day hackathon!

It was an award-winning year for one of our co-founders, Josh, who was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year from WeDO Scotland

WeDO Scotland celebrates the success of Scottish entrepreneurs, businesses and business leaders. Their Awards have built a highly respected reputation as one of the most prestigious highlights in the annual Scottish business calendar, celebrating the inspiration of, the innovation in, and the success of Scotland’s business community. 

2023 was the year we celebrated TEN YEARS of GearedApp – a huge milestone which we are all extremely proud of. We reflected on our journey here, delving into the history of GearedApp and shared some of our biggest highlights from the past decade, as well as a glimpse of what’s to come in the future. 

Our team were delighted to be able to celebrate together and look back on our 10-year journey which has been filled with innovation and growth, as well as delivering first-rate digital experiences that drive positive change globally. We have worked hard over these last few years to become one of the leading mobile and web development companies in Scotland.


In 2023, we had the pleasure of working in partnership with a whole host of excellent clients. We’re proud of our ability to build great client relationships, helping to shape and build their vision together. 

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve been lucky enough to work with this year:

  • Good Food Talks – an app that makes it easy for visually impaired diners to eat out at thousands of UK restaurants by providing accessible menus right on their website and their iPhone or Android app. 
  • My Executor Box – an online platform to store your financial information and make the execution of will and estate as simple and stress-free as possible.
  • Aviagen – multi-country, multi-language native mobile apps for a world-leading poultry agriculture company.
  • Equine Medical Solutions – whose mission is to promote equine welfare by supporting owners and vets in the management of skin diseases and cancer in horses. 
  • Doddie Aid – a charity app for a fundraising event, allowing people to join districts and compete with friends to raise money to help tackle MND. 

You can find out more about our clients by clicking here.

Embracing Remote Work and Virtual Collaboration

And, finally, we continued to share our insights and knowledge over on the GearedApp blog. Throughout the year, we delved into a diverse array of topics, providing analyses on the latest tech trends in healthcare, exploring the impact of AI on education, offering invaluable tips on how to prepare for a successful app launch, advocating the benefits of embracing remote work, plus so many more topics that reflect the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry. 

It’s been another amazing year and we’re delighted to have you here with us – if you’d like to find out more about how you can work with us in 2024, get in touch today and let us help turn your awesome ideas into a digital reality!