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About Lindemann Healthcare

Lindemann Healthcare was looking to streamline their internal processes and take the current paper-based system online by developing a digital platform to manage their growing care home group.

With security and scalability paramount, we partnered with Lindemann Healthcare to develop a user-friendly care management platform for the group.

This project involved ideation, a full design process, development of the apps across various platforms and Beta testing before launch.

Throughout our relationship GearedApp have always offered technical support however they have also been innovative offering us different views on the creative side too. This has allowed us to automate some key processes hitting our brief to enable our team at Lindemann Healthcare to have more time for the people who need our care and service.

Sean Black
Lindemann Healthcare

The Need to Embrace Digital

With a large number of staff across their group of 4 care homes, there were growing concerns about quality assurance, connectivity and future-proofing of the existing system. All of the organisation’s care processes were conducted meticulously in paper format, and occasionally manually inputted into Excel documents. This left room for human error, and lots of duplication in information collected across the different homes.

Purpose Built Care Management

We built a bespoke care platform that can be used by various levels of staff within the group to securely access resident profiles, complete care plans and store sensitive information. Several homes are managed within the care platform, with a comprehensive suite of dynamic forms and tools that are required to manage a resident’s care.

Security and Quality Assurance

A key consideration for Lindemann Healthcare was the security of data and quality assurance within its processes. By building a digital platform, the organisation was able to improve the security of data by making sure specific data was only viewable by certain staff roles.

Complete with reporting features this platform will allow Lindemann Healthcare to audit its homes more effectively and scale as they grow.

What this project means for Lindemann Healthcare

For Lindemann Healthcare, this new platform means a huge improvement in day to day efficiency. Staff are able to quickly access and manage resident information.

The beauty of this platform is that we built it exactly to Lindemann Healthcare specifications, and are able to replicate their unique processes. This means minimal staff training, as all wording and forms are familiar to them.

The platform has been trialled across the care home group successfully, with positive feedback from managers, care assistants and nurses alike. Going forward Lindemann Healthcare plan to add to this platform to build management tools for various aspects of their administrative processes.

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