The “give” n “get” of non exec roles: the GearedApp experience

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So if you are reading this you probably know something about GearedApp: one of Edinburgh’s hot new Digital Services businesses.

Here I just want to share with you a little of what a non-exec brings (“gives”) to a bright energetic team.

Focus – amidst the many demands on the teams time our regular board conversations over what is truly important helps the team not lose sight of a) immediate pressing business priorities b) but also our goals for the business over the next 12-18months.

A Commercial Edge – whilst chasing clients and doing fun projects is all very exciting, as a non-exec we have a responsibility to help drive a quest to constantly secure the ongoing sales pipeline, keep the important clients happy, and always consider the risks.

Strategy – In the digital world it is easy to be busy. Equally there is always more you can do for a client, but while ensuring GearedApp’s customers are kept very happy; with the team we have been able to steer a course which is now seeing an exciting line up of new propositions /products emerging.

GearedApp proposition pipeline

  • Fan App to empower sports teams with following of >1000 fans to better engage their following to keep fans close to what’s happening at the club, and allow ticket, merchandise and other revenue streams to be grown.
  • Sports coaching apps – GearedApp have developed mobile tools to help mountain bikers learn new bike skills and fencers to start learning new maneuvers, so users can get tips and advice when and wherever they are via their mobile.
  • A Digital concierge for hotels and hostels – busy with guests, no time to explain how to find the drying room, the games room, the local restaurant offering your guests 25% off? Let GearedApp’s mobile app help provide easy, friendly support.
  • Digital Menus to tell the story behind the food – looking to bring your menu to life – well making your restaurants or food establishment menu come to life through the power of mobile gives your visitors access to where the food came from, who grew it, how, what ingredients were involved and much more…a sure way to engage and satisfy curious minds.
  • More routinely the digital account service now offers clients peace of mind re updates and hosting for those less sure of their bits and bites.

Seeing good ideas shaped into some exciting products our clients are proud to champion has provided a buzz. Watching the business evolve, handle some difficult times and pull through, and support each member of the team develop and contributed more, has been the best part.

So if you have plenty of business experience, an interest in people and are prepared to stick in for a few years you can go on a similar journey and hopefully find rewards along the way!

Good luck.

Roger Ashworth, non executive Director GearedApp.

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