Real-Time Video

Video Confrencing solutions

Providing real time video call solutions for your business

1 to 1

Does your business provide remote consultations or services? 1 to 1 video is a great way to deliver a personal service, remotely.

Video Conferencing

Do you have distributed team or remote stakeholders? Work together, remotely with high quality video conferencing solutions.

Trusted 3rd Parties

We work with a number of respected third parties to deliver exceptional video and call quality with a low overhead.


Our video solutions can scale with you. From single, on-demand rooms to always available systems.

Remote Learning

We’ve worked to deliver remote learning platforms. Video Conferencing is a great way to reach people around Scotland, the UK and the rest of the world. With video conferencing you can remove geographical barriers to learning.


With the increase of on-demand services. Real time video can be used to deliver doctors consultations, professional consultancy and other services, on demand and remotely.

Ajenta Real-Time Video Apps

We worked with Ajenta to deliver a range of apps with real-time video tools. From remote learning tools for education centres to on demand doctors appointments for private healthcare organisations. 

Digital Building Blocks

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