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Enter Jonathan

The last couple of months at GearedApp have been extremely busy. In the whirlwind of development, it can be hard to find time to establish all important structures and practices. In order to help manage the growing workload, we decided to branch out and look for an intern to help us with business development and project management.

After asking around the university in the hope of possibly finding a keen student who was looking for some experience, we received a strong recommendation for a Business Information Systems student who had been looking for a placement.
Enter Jonathan, our new intern! Lucky for us, he was free all summer and eager to put his knowledge into practice, and we welcomed Jonathan into our chaotic world on the 2nd of June. We asked Jonathan to write a bit about his experience over the past 5 weeks. Here you go!

Jonathan says:

Picture this; thousands of young students flooding out from universities every year and there’s one thing on their mind, a job. Regardless of academic achievement, many students fall at the last hurdle because they just can’t seem to get their foot in the door. This is where I wanted to be different and get some experience before I finished university, or so I thought.

When I first started at Edinburgh Napier back in 2011 getting a placement was the Holy Grail. I knew that if I got a placement I would be a little closer to standing out from the hoard of undergraduates that I called my peers.

As I approached the end of my 2nd Year my eye was set for a 1 year placement during 3rd Year; this was it – my time to shine. Well… I shone as brightly as a smashed light bulb in a dark room that had been completely consumed by a black hole. I was gutted.

I soon forgot about a placement and re-focused myself, reassuring myself that everything would be fine. Then, out of the blue, an inconspicuous email appeared into my inbox asking if I would like a placement. Initially I ignored it assuming that this was sent to a group of hundreds of students.

A week later my programme leader asked me if I had received Maureen’s email, as not to appear like an imbecile I pretended to know what she was talking about. I sieved through my inbox and found the email; it was the inconspicuous placement email that I had previously taken no notice of. It was for me, only me, I swear my heart palpitated.

I quickly sent my CV to this start-up web and app development company, GearedApp. Nice play on words and it described exactly how I was feeling. They replied and I sealed an interview, my nerves were rife.

I arrived at D74, my mind was racing and after tucking in my shirt I knocked. Lara answered and my nerves disappeared, after a very calming and pleasant interview I had got the job.

Now a month and a half in and I have been working alongside Lara (Project Manager). I had carried out some project management in the past but working at GearedApp meant that I could get involved with real projects and real clients, something relatively unachievable while still at university. Work experience with a start-up company is often very rare and many start-ups are not in the position to support an intern so I feel very privileged to be here.

GearedApp is a young company and not dissimilar to a human baby they were fragile and needed help to try and add structure and support to their business. I thought it would be very beneficial if they could standardise as much of their work as possible so that Lara could manage projects easier and so that Josh (Fantastic Designer), Abdullah (Profound Developer) and Andrzej (Amazingly-skilled Developer) could turn projects out at a much faster rate.

I have set up and populated their Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). I have been involved with many of the initial stages of various projects, some imaginative (an IBS app) but nevertheless wonderful.

Every second day there seems to be something new that I can sink my teeth into and it is never a dull day in the office. I have no idea what the next month and a half will have in store for me but I know it will hold some amazing opportunities for me to experience the industry that hopefully, I will enter in the upcoming year. With a month and half to go it’s safe to say I’m still GearedApp.

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