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Many of you will know that at GearedApp we are big fans of The Edinburgh Capitals, our local Elite League Ice Hockey team. As sponsors and app developers for The Edinburgh Capitals (or “Caps”), we enjoy working with the team to find ways to engage fans and build the Caps community.

This week we sat down with The Edinburgh Capitals and some of our fellow sponsors to discuss making the most of this network, how we can support the Caps and any suggestions we have for the upcoming season.


This was great for a number of reasons. Firstly, networking can be repetitive and laborious, so it’s great to be able to work together to create something that works for everyone, with a common goal of promoting our local team. This comes down to a number of factors: venue, time, activity, content, attendees. Working through some ideas with the other sponsors was great – we got to learn what each other wanted, as well as where there were areas that we all wanted to expand on.

A new edition to next year will be the inclusion of social events. Seeing as we’re all here because we enjoy watching ice hockey, it made sense to make a social event around a game. Giving the club an opportunity to mingle in a less formal surrounding could really help develop relationships during the more focused sessions.

Another topic was how we can expand the group, and the sponsorship base. Scott Neil, co-owner of the Capitals was very keen to grow sponsors into passionate fans (which, funnily enough is what happened to us!). As sponsors we’re always looking at ways to help the Caps, and it’s great to work with the other businesses in the club to come up with new ideas, some of which can help our own businesses.

GearedApp owe a lot to The Capitals, given that our company came to fruition through developing the initial (beta) version of the Caps Hockey App way back when Lara and Andrzej and I were completing our studies. Since then we’ve continued to work with the club, developing new features and revisions over the years. This off-season is no different! We’re hard at work developing updates and new features for the Caps Hockey App, and we’re excited for the upcoming season.

Thanks to Johnston Smillie for hosting!

If you’re interested in getting involved with the Caps business club or would like to know more about becoming a sponsor then get in touch!

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