Our measures during the ongoing pandemic.


We will continue to update you here as the situation evolves

We are writing in these very strange and unsettling times to let you know about the measures that we are taking to ensure we can maintain our operations and deliver innovative digital platforms for our clients.

Our team is now working entirely remotely, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This has meant a shift in our communication habits, to ensure that we are able to continue delivering to the same standard. This includes:

  • All meetings to be held via video call instead of face to face. We currently use Google Hangouts to conduct meetings
    Introduction (if not already in use) of collaborative software such as Miro.
  • We continue to use Jira and other tools to manage projects
  • We are now holding daily virtual team standups for improved communication


You can read more about how we are using these tools and adapting to the change here.

These changes will allow us to continue our work, as usual, keep our team safe and well, and maintain good communication throughout this period.
We will contact you directly if these changes will have an impact on any scheduled meetings.

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