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Last Saturday saw members of the GearedApp team head to St Andrews in order to assist in running the Destination Leaders Programme. The purpose of this programme is to develop strategic views at a destination level through an initial focus on leadership at a business level. This encompasses vision and strategy; change management, personal development theory and practice. As part of these criteria, Brian Davidson of Napier University was asked to demonstrate his Android App – Coderace. Coderace is a scavenger hunt based application that sees teams of users compete against each other using geobased cryptic clues to gain points. The purpose of the App in this case was to give the users a comprehensive tour of St Andrews, where participants were able to engage with locals, discover local knowledge and find hidden gems.

We had previously visited St Andrews to discover the clues and pinpoint the geotag for each location – In total we gathered 45. Ranging from information on signs to whom made the chocolates in a local bakery. With the lectures being given at the Gateway Building, we set up a spectators screen so that non-participants could still enjoy the game. The spectators were able to see the various attempts of each team, giving everyone a laugh when wrong answers were repeatedly entered. The application was warmly received and GearedApp, working along side Brian Davidson are looking to develop the application into a fully working, commercial product. We believe that Coderace has an immense scope and could be used for a range of activities, from walking tours to staff training. It adds the element of gamification to orienteering using maps and descriptive elements.

CodeRace is a location-based game in which teams of four compete to claim a series of locations. A clue is provided for each location which a team must solve before the location can be claimed.
CodeRace relies on the power of the Android mobile platform to display the locations on a Google map. To claim a location, a player must enter the correct code via the Android application. Using GPS functionality, all players are tracked and their positions can be displayed in the interface. This lets a player make strategic decisions about which location to target next depending on whether it already contested or not.

At the start of the game only a few locations are visible; more are revealed as the visible ones are claimed. Back at the start location, the game is displayed on a monitor so that supporters and other spectators can follow their team’s progress.

CodeRace started out as an interesting exercise for students studying collaborative media. Since the 2012 event the software has been improved and several other games have been run in the UK and abroad.

The CodeRace app can be downloaded from Google Play, and a 20-minute training game is provided which loops continuously, starting at 5 minutes past and 25 minutes to the hour. The locations in the training game are all close to Edinburgh Napier’s Merchiston campus, and each is pictured on download page of the CodeRace web site at


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