Apps can benefit both your business and your customers in many ways. We work with organisations of all sizes to find the best fit for you.

Apps that Get You Recognised

Our app development service can help you identify how to increase your brand awareness and engage with your target audience via a mobile app. Here are a few of the many possibilities:

  • Create engaging users experiences, using rewards or points systems to “gamify” the way the app is used.
  • Make your app the centre of a social hub, with social media integration and messaging.
  • Get news, information and offers directly to your costumers via push notifications.
  • Link up your online website content or online shop with the app, or build an admin dashboard, so that you can use the same processes to update everything from once place.
  • Sell in-app purchases and create seamless checkout processes to monetise your app.
  • Powerfully inform and educate your customers using visuals and video technology.
  • Use maps to help your customers find you or explore the area.
  • Gather invaluable insights and feedback from your app users, so that you can improve services going forward.
  • Extend your service offering by providing easy to use mobile booking app that integrate with you workflow.
enterprise apps

Enterprise Apps

We integrate mobile apps with your workflow to create useful tools that extend your digital platform. For example:

  • Report and display statistics and results in a visually impactful way using graphs and infographics.
  • Create engaging training tools using quizzes, videos and gamification techniques.
  • Support your sales department with quick to access sales information, such as presentations and videos, all at their fingertips.
  • Make recording data, information or photos seamless via mobile devices.
  • Know that your employees are safe by tracking their location, and even help them navigate using maps.
  • Provide a directory of need-to-know contacts and information for your employees and even create a communication tool with instant messaging.

Straightforward and Hassle-free!

We take the hassle out of building a mobile app by guiding you through the process from start to finish.
We’ll work with you throughout the scoping process to ensure you have an air-tight set of requirements before we get started. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout development and let you know when we need any feedback. You don’t have to worry about submitting the app to the App store and Google Play either – it’s all taken care of

After the app has been launched we aren’t going anywhere, and will be there to support the app going forward. We evaluate all of our apps after a 6-months so that we can assess whether any updates are needed.


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