Backend Development

Seamlessly handling business logic, data storage and deployment

Our secure and scalable backends can be made up of the following:


Each platform is different and has unique functional, performance and data considerations. We always select infrastructure depending on your project requirements and assess it considering costs, scalability, performance and security critieria.


Using a Microservices architecture means an application is structured as a collection of services, each with its own business function. Each service is called when needed, rather than running simultaneously. Large, complex applications can run more efficiently, scale more quickly, and we can make changes and add services over time.


Platform as a Service solutions such as Heroku allow to manage the development, launch and ongoing hosting and maintenance of a product from one platform. This can be easily scaled up based on the usage of the product, and provides flexibility going forward.


Mobile Backend as a Service providers, such as Firebase, offer an out of the box backend solution for mobile apps. These providers offer data storage, user management, analytics and push-notification support, which means you can cut down on development time.

Selecting the Right Stack

Each platform is different and our first task is to assess your needs and establish the right solution for your product. We will compare various different backend solutions, including more traditional approaches and modern technologies, inorder to find the best fit for your platform.

Why Serverless?

A serverless architecture is an increasingly attractive development route for scalability and reducing running costs. For example, for a large social platform you could use a combination of managed services and bespoke microservices. As the platform grows services can be added and removed and technologies can be combined across different services. This means that the platform can easily respond to demand, and that if technologies evolve, the platform can evolve with the times.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation

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