Android Apps

Hugely customisable, available on a vast number of devices - the worlds most popular mobile operating system

All of our apps are built bespoke to your specification and requirements

Device Targeting

With thousands of different devices adopting Android, it’s an operating system that encompasses a large number of different platforms. From phones to TVs and other IOT devices, it’s a diverse Operating System.

Developed by Google

Being supported and developed by one of the largest and most respected tech companies in the world has it’s advantages! Android is here to stay.

Open Source

Android, Kotlin and Java are open-source and supported by a huge, worldwide community. This means there are loads of different resources and support available.

User Base

With an abundance of different manufacturers and devices available, Android has the worlds largest adoption and user base. This is a great platform for targeting the masses!

Native or Native?

We develop Android apps primarily with React Native. React Native allows us to develop native apps using Javascript. This is great as it allows us to have a single codebase for an app that may be used across both iOS and Android devices. It also gives us access to the largest development community in the world. Whilst we favour React Native where possible, our mobile experts can also build apps using Kotlin and Java where required.


Android has a great deal more flexibility when it comes to how your app is distributed, as compared with Apple. Google Play has recently started to adopt manual reviews for some apps, however the majority are reviewed by an automated system. You are also not limited to Google Play and can opt to distribute your app on other market places and stores, depending on your target audience.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation

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