4 June 2020

Starting an Internship during Covid 19

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Lara Findlay

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced us all to adapt, learn to operate online from the safety of our homes. At GearedApp, this has brought many challenges. In April we welcomed Oscar, our backend development intern to the team. Having joined the team shortly after the start of the pandemic, he has worked from home since the beginning. But how has it been starting an internship during Covid 19?

We spoke to Oscar about how he is finding his internship experience so far:


Hi Oscar! First of all, tell us a bit about yourself. What were you up to before you started your internship with GearedApp?

I was studying at Edinburgh Napier university completing an integrated masters degree in software engineering. During my studies, I worked various part-time jobs, along with completing an Internship at Napier, as well as assisting lecturers in Edinburgh Napier University labs. 


How have you found your first month at GearedApp?

I have really enjoyed my first month. It was good to meet the team and to start working on projects. Learning the backend stack was (and is!) interesting, using cutting edge technologies in an industry context meant I learnt a lot in a short space of time. Everyone has been very helpful and has done everything they can to aid my learning, particularly Armand, the lead backend developer.   


How did you find starting a new internship during Covid 19 and the lockdown?

Starting a new job during the pandemic was strange, although I briefly met some team members before the start of lockdown, the majority I met for the first time via video chat. Working remotely did not bring many obstacles as the systems and tools used by the company are all web-based. 


What has been your biggest learning experience of your internship so far?

The biggest challenge was learning how the frameworks used on the backend all integrate and communicate. In particular, understanding how Prisma, GraphQL, and Nexus function together was initially very challenging. Also, learning the basics of Node.js and TypeScript was challenging – as well as learning the various implementation styles that can be used within the languages. I am particularly enjoying how Node.js can be used to create functional code, and prefer using the functional style methods offered by Node.js instead of more traditional procedural structures and methods. 


Are you enjoying getting to know the team remotely?

I am enjoying getting to know the team, I have met everyone over video chat, I’ve chatted to people on Slack, along with chatting socially during virtual drinks. Everyone has been very welcoming!


What technologies are you most excited about right now?

I’m excited about GraphQL! Using GraphQL at GeardApp so far has shown me how powerful the query language is. GraphQL removes the need for needlessly complicated and ugly SQL queries, and allows the developer to request only the resources they need in a single request. I look forward to using more GraphQL at GearedApp. 

I’m also excited about Perl 6, but I don’t think anyone else is! And maybe I shouldn’t be…. 


What pastimes have you enjoyed while in lockdown?

I started baking my own bread for the first time, and am also on a mission to create the perfect pizza dough. I’ve made a lot of wild garlic pesto and have enjoyed having more time to spend outdoors.


What are you most looking forward to doing after the lockdown ends?

I am most looking forward to catching up with friends and family, going out for food and drink, and meeting the team at GearedApp!



Thanks Oscar! We are so happy to have you on board, and can’t wait to have a real-life company social in the future. For now, we are staying safe and continuing to work from home.

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