Matchmaking Digital Platform for Events Suppliers and Organisers.

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Connecting Suppliers to Events

The team behind Eventace has been involved in the wedding & events industry since 1999. Eventace came to us with a mission to build a platform that would allow any supplier, no matter how big or small their ad budget, to connect with organisers who needed their services. This shifts the focus from the size of the supplier, to the quality of service.

To achieve this goal, we built a digital platform, including a bespoke web app for suppliers and organisers, a slick landing page, and an easy to use mobile app to accompany this.

GearedApp is always on time and very enthusiastic. They’re truly invested in our idea and success. Twice a week, I see demos, and they’re very impressive. GearedApp’s organizational skills are tremendous.


For Events Suppliers - Unique matching algorithm

Events suppliers can sign up to the platform free of charge and advertise their services. Our algorithm then identifies any potential events jobs that match their skills and expertise, and notifies them if any come up over time.

Unlike other platforms that charge upfront for advertising, suppliers pay for credits that they can use to apply for jobs. This means they have visibility on the platform and control over spending.

For Events Organisers - A one-stop shop for events

We created a seamless platform for events organisers, allowing them to find multiple suppliers from one platform, making it easy to find the right suppliers. The platform is free to use, saves time, money and gives organisers control over their events.

Organisers can browse suppliers, or create an event and let Eventace match them with the best suppliers for their event. Simply post a request, review supplier pitches, and select your favourite!

Mobile App

Response time is crucial for the success of Eventace, so we gave event suppliers the power to respond as soon as they receive a job match from the platform.

The mobile app provides everything an events supplier needs in their pocket, and ensures that communication between suppliers and organisers is swift.

Built with React Native, the app is available on iOS and Android devices.

The Development Route

We build a platform comprising a bespoke web app, which uses a combination of technologies to help with speed and SEO. For the front end we used the Next.js framework, which provides lightning-fast loading speeds. We created custom REST APIs to integrate with Firebase services on the backend. When building the mobile app, we used one of our favourite frameworks, React Native.

React Native
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The End Result

We built and launched the Eventace platform at a time when the events industry is at most need of innovative solutions. Within a month of launch the platform signed up over 100 suppliers, and is set to become the go-to platform for events organisers and suppliers in Scotland, however the Eventace team don’t want to stop there.

We are extremely proud of our work with the Eventace team, and the results are a testament to our collaborative, Agile Scrum process. We look forward to further iterations and ongoing development as the platform and audience scales.

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