19 July 2016

Caps hockey gets an overhaul.

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Josh Carson

It has been some time since we last pushed an update to the Caps app, but trust me, the wait has been worth it.

When we first looked at creating the app there were loads of features we wanted to build into it, but between time constraints and a lack of available data, some of these weren’t possible.

This, however, has all changed in recent months. As the Elite league move data feed providers, we have a great opportunity to take advantage of the new data that is available. We also took this opportunity to bring the app in line with the recent update to the Caps brand image

As the Caps app originally brought GearedApp together as a team, we are excited about the new season starting with the fantastic team that they have put together.

This year we’re sponsoring Matt Tipoff, a blazing right-winger. Tipoff is a Canadian that has played alongside NHL player Steve Stamkos. Having looked over his records, we’re sure he’s going to make a name for himself in the Elite League. Welcome to the team, Matt!

New App Features

So, what changes are coming to the app? Well, we have a whole bunch of new stats being added. These stats include;Team Stats:

  • Streak
  • Home streak
  • Road streak
  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Points
  • Goals for
  • Goals against
  • Penalty Mins

Player Stats:

  • Goals
  • Assists
  • Points
  • +/-
  • Games played
  • Penalty Mins
  • Shooting Percentage

But what we’re most excited about is the new in-app 50/50 tickets feature. Due to the technical/legal restrictions we weren’t able to build this until now, however it is finally ready. Supporters will now be able to purchase tickets directly from their phone, be automatically added to the raffle, and will be able to see winning ticket number from the app.

Last but not least, users will receive push notifications and messages directly from the club, so if you miss the tannoy announcement you won’t miss out.

Overall, there are some huge changes coming to the app, and we’re excited to be back at the Lions Den in September to cheer on the team.

Keep an eye out for the update before the season starts. The update will be available on both iOS and Android towards the end of August.

We will be post links to download once it becomes available.