4 September 2019

Tech for Good – Client Showcase

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GearedApp Team

For 6 years now, GearedApp has been building apps, websites and digital platforms of all shapes and sizes. Over this time we have had the support of some amazing people, who share our values and are keen to make an impact with tech. We have been really lucky to work with clients who also feel the same way, and are focused towards helping make the world a better place, in whatever small way we can.

Today we want to talk about a few of our amazing clients who are doing their bit for the world.

Good Food Talks

Since 2014 we have worked with Matt Wadsworth from Good Food Talks to build a revolutionary menu reading app for those with visual impairments.
Matt and his wife Kate founded Good Food Talks as a result of their first-hand experience of the frustrations encountered by blind and visually impaired diners when eating out at restaurants.
At the time, accessible menu formats consisted of either a braille version, if they had one, or someone else reading the menu to them aloud.  This made the whole experience less enjoyable and hindered visually impaired diners’ independence.

In response to this, we worked with Matt to build an app that uses Voiceover and accessibility features to provide “talking menus”.  This app gives visually impaired users ability to browse the menu freely, explore options at their leisure, and independently order at a restaurant.
Since launching the Good Food Talks MVP in 2015, the Good Food Talks app has gained traction and is now being used by some of the biggest restaurant brands in the UK, including Nando’s, Pret A Manger and Strada. A huge milestone this year has been the adoption of the app by JD Wetherspoons across over 900 pubs. 

We are excited to work with Matt to keep building the platform, reach international markets and help make a positive impact to users globally.

Download the Good Food Talks app on iOS here.


The Homeless World Cup Foundation

The Homeless World Cup Foundation is a unique charity which uses football to inspire people who are homeless to change their own lives. We have worked with the Homeless World Cup since 2017 to develop their web platform, which experiences thousands of daily visitors during their Homeless World Cup annual tournament.
Asides from organising the annual tournament, The Homeless World Cup Foundation supports a network of 74 local grassroots projects around the world. Their annual tournament and world-class work gain more traction year on year, which allows them to continue on their mission of inspiring people who are homeless and changing perceptions and attitudes around homelessness.
View the Homeless World Cup Foundation website here.
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We met the founder of EnteroBiotix, James Mcilroy, back in 2016 while he was completing medical school. James was looking to take advantage of recent discoveries around Faecal Matter Transplants (FMT) after reading a paper on how researchers had successfully cured a life-threatening gut infection through FMT.
In the years since then, the now Dr James has built a fast-growing team of experts who aim to dramatically improve healthcare through unlocking the therapeutic potential of the microbiome.
We worked with EnteroBiotix to develop their online presence and adapting their message and branding as they have grown. EnteroBiotix is now a team of 15, and have raised over £2.5 million in investment. They are well on their way to achieving their mission of transforming healthcare globally.
Check out the EnteroBiotix website here.

If you’d like to hear more about how you could make a positive impact through tech, get in touch and we can have a chat!