15 September 2022

Sponsoring the Edinburgh Capitals – Back Where It All Began

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GearedApp Team

After a few years of hiatus, the Edinburgh Capitals ice hockey team are back, and we are proud to sponsor the team this year. This local Ice hockey team means a lot to us at GearedApp and played an important part in our founding story, so we are over the moon to see them back in action, and we have jumped at the opportunity of sponsoring the team again as they re-enter the Scottish National League for ice hockey.

So why do the Edinburgh Capitals Ice Hockey team mean so much to us at GearedApp?

Humble Beginnings with a Mobile App

Our journey with the Edinburgh Capitals starts 10 years ago, before GearedApp was ever founded. For those of you who have followed us over the years, you may be familiar with our founding story. We started out life as a group of passionate students who were keen to make a difference to the world.

The GearedApp founders met while studying for their Postgraduate degrees and Edinburgh Napier University and decided to embark on a group project together. Looking for a challenge to solve, they decided to try and help the Edinburgh Capitals, the local Ice hockey team, improve their fan engagement using technology. This led to the creation of a mobile app for fans to track team progress and receive updates. 

Once the group had reached the end of the project, founders Josh, Lara and Andrzej approached the team manager, Scott Neil, and discussed how the app could be launched officially for the Edinburgh Capitals fans. Fortunately for us, Scott saw the potential in this little project and decided to work with the team to help continue to develop and launch the app. 

Founding GearedApp

Behind the scenes, these passionate students had been working on freelance work together and building up a portfolio. The founders worked with local businesses through university and personal connections to build mobile apps and websites and developed a tried and tested process together. Back in 2013, apps were still a buzzword, and many local businesses were struggling to adapt and embrace technology. GearedApp’s founders recognised this gap in the market for a local, agile and transparent team, who would work with organisations to help them adapt. This relationship with the Edinburgh Capitals was the final push that was needed to found GearedApp – Edinburgh’s up-and-coming app development house. 

Over the years GearedApp continued to work with the Edinburgh Capitals, making many improvements to the app. The end result was an app that allowed the Capitals to show fans live scores, match details, see scores across the league and purchase tickets.

We also became proud sponsors of the team, attending games weekly and converting our new employees into long-term fans. Josh even had his first date with his future-wife Heather at an Edinburgh Capitals game, who soon became a Sunday regular at the games!

Supporting the Edinburgh Capitals

Where We Are Today

Since GearedApp was founded in 2013, GearedApp’s journey has taken a few twists and turns, but we have grown from strength to strength. While based in Edinburgh, we have evolved into a globally operating mobile app and web development company. We have worked with over 150 clients and have team members across Europe. We are proud to still operate with the same forward-thinking values that we set out at our inception – to support businesses with transparency and care at the heart of everything we do.
We’re excited to see what this season has in store for the Edinburgh Capitals and look forward to continuing to support the team going forward.

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