29 August 2018

GearedApp’s Story

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GearedApp Team

It’s our 5th birthday and we can’t believe how the time has flown! We’ve been thinking back to how it all started and all of the amazing growth that we have experienced in the past 5 years. We want to share with you our story and how GearedApp has become one of the leading mobile and web development companies in Scotland.


How It All Began With 3 Students

GearedApp was founded in 2013, when students Lara, Josh and Andrzej began working together during their Masters at Edinburgh Napier University. Having successfully built their first app for the Edinburgh Capitals Ice Hockey team, the 3 eager and tech forward students recognised a need for scotland-based mobile app developers, and decided to found a company that develops bespoke app and web solutions. And thus GearedApp was born!

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Moving Into 1 New Office

Previously located within Napier’s Bright Red Triangle incubator, it was time to move into a space that would provide enough space for our growth from 3 to 6 team members. Having spent the first few years establishing ourselves within the mobile sector, we were in a position to grow our team. We moved into an office which we sublet from one of our first clients, Ajenta. Our new office at Commercial Quay is right in the heart of Leith’s creative scene, with agencies and other digital startups just on our doorstep. With our new team members’ skills we were able to also increase our service offering where we could start building web apps, and build larger, more scalable platforms.

team outing to wallace monument


An Additional 4 New Developers

With more growth we had to make room for our new team members. This was exciting! With new developers, comes more skill sets. We began producing larger, more dynamic web apps, started using React Native for mobile apps, and we launched our Progressive Web App service. This meant we could offer cutting edge, bespoke platforms to our customers, which complimented our app offering perfectly. This meant we were able to provide even more business benefits for our clients!
We were determined to grow in size and our services but never neglected the growth of our culture. Ensuring that we are providing a safe-space and up-keeping a Happy Healthy Team (which often means fuelling the office’s tea, cake and banana addiction).

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Now 5 Years Running

GearedApp have been growing fast and have exciting plans for the future. First on the agenda is a larger office! As our team has now grown to 10 we need our own and more robust space to be able to nurture the talent of our team and provide space for, that’s right, even more growth.
We are passionate about what we do and are on a journey to gather like minded people with the same enthusiasm about development as we do so we can continue to build the best solutions for our clients.
Our team of 10 now provide services to clients across 4 countries around the world, and have been working on even bigger projects than before.

It’s always good to look back at where you came from and to share our journey with as many people as possible. We will always continue to develop our technological offering and our team culture. Our aim is to build the best, cutting-edge digital platforms, whilst providing clear and consistent communication with our clients, so we can have a happy team and successful products.

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