4 October 2021

Does Technology Make the World a Better Place?


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GearedApp Team

We’ve all overheard a familiar conversation about technology, haven’t we? The person in front of you on the bus ranting “technology has gone too far” or overhearing a conversation at a party about how “technology is taking over the world”.

The truth is, technology is taking over the world, and the way we live today would be entirely different without it. However, does that have to be such a bad thing? Like everything, tech has its downsides, but there are a myriad of ways it makes a real impact on the way many live today.

Read on as we look into the reasons why people fear technology and how tech makes its impact on the world.

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How Does Technology Make Its Difference?

 1. Accessibility

If you’ve never experienced having a disability, accessibility may not be something you think about very often. However, did you know that 19% of all working age adults in the UK have some type of disability? In fact, 78% of disabled people say having access to digital technologies helps them to live a more independent life. Technology plays a predominant role in making the world a more accessible place for a large proportion of people in the UK. Without it, society would be a very different place.

 2. Environment

Scientists, entrepreneurs and innovators across the globe are devising new solutions to tackle climate change. From challenging deforestation to limiting carbon emissions, technology is being used to drive sustainability. Due to technological advancements in renewable energy, Carbon Dioxide emissions from energy are predicted to be completely eradicated by 2060. In order to reverse the effects of climate change, we all must do our part and technology plays a major part in this.

 3. Education

Educational Technology, sometimes referred to as EdTech works at introducing technology to the classroom. With the Covid-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst in the adoption of tech in education, it was a life-saver for teachers across the globe. Can you imagine how we would’ve coped without it? Not only this but tech creates a more engaging and inclusive learning experience for every student. With 4 out of 5 teachers saying that they use technology in nearly every lesson, tech and education go hand-in-hand.

4. Medicine

Everyday, technology is being used to discover new medicines, vaccinations and cures to help improve the quality of life of people across the globe. Without technology, the way we live today would not be possible. Just one example is the Covid-19 vaccine saving 112,000 lives in the UK to date. Technology means that we can improve the way we live, and limit unnecessary deaths. Not only this, but 93% of physicians believe that health apps can improve a patient’s health. Medicine is thriving alongside technological advancements.

5. Communication

Video calls, messaging and voice notes are all a means of fostering communication. With the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, technology has globalised the world. Not only has technology improved communication for personal relationships, it has made business more efficient, faster and just simpler for everybody involved. Today, we live in an interconnected world.



Why is Technology Viewed in a Negative Light?

Changing the way we communicate

Although technology makes communication faster and easier, you can see why it may be seen as a hindrance to the way we converse. In the digital age, we are reliant on smartphones, and it’s true many of us probably do spend too much time staring at phone screens instead of taking in the world around us. However, when used with care, technology is our biggest asset in today’s world.

Social media

One aspect of the rise in technology is the rise in social media platforms. Once upon a time the most advanced form of technological communication was email; today we are bombarded with messaging platforms and apps to sign up for. With 67% of the UK population active on social media, it is a mainstream part of society. However, 38% of UK adults see social media as harmful to mental health. FOMO, cyber-bullying and inadequacy about physical appearance are all factors that come with social media and have an impact on our mental health. Social media is a new phenomenon and we are still figuring out the long-term impact it has – with new technology comes new research, and the longer it sticks around the more we will learn about its repercussions.

The job market

Throughout history, technology has impacted jobs. Even the invention of electricity impacted the world of work. Today, automation is on the rise and it’s threatening jobs across the UK. For instance, supermarket checkout jobs have fallen by 25% due to automated self-service checkouts. Yes, automation is taking over jobs. However, many argue that it creates more jobs than it takes, asserting that tech is creating positions that never before existed. Think of how many people today are working in roles that never existed ten or twenty years ago? The world is changing and employment is adapting.


Technology as an Asset to Society

Like everything, technology isn’t perfect. Alongside the advancements in medicine and the interconnectivity of the world, comes downfalls like its impact on mental health. Technology hasn’t been around for all that long, but the more that we use it, the more we will understand it.

If we treat technology with caution and care, it will be our biggest asset for the future.

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