20 October 2020

What Does Airtight Quality Assurance Look Like?

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GearedApp Team

What good is a product if it doesn’t work as intended?

Our team wants to be sure we’re on the ball and always developing software in the most effective way possible. Getting those brilliant results starts with thorough Quality Assurance (QA) testing.

QA is a failsafe that ensures a software development team delivers the best products or services possible. It makes understanding the process and individual steps throughout the software journey much clearer both in terms of technical development and project management.

Join us as we explore why QA is a key element of project success, what agile QA looks like, as well as insight into quality assurance testing best practices.


Why is QA Testing Important?

QA is an essential element of success behind the scenes. Software development teams who build QA into their process inevitably have more time for new, value-adding work by eliminating the need to worry about unexpected product fixes. In fact, high-performing development teams who prioritise QA spend 22% less time on unplanned work and rework.

Beyond development, it’s also important to remember that while QA Testing is a fundamental way to make sure the inner-workings of a software product are performing well, assuring quality also works in service of the end-user.

QA directly affects the customer experience as a key brand differentiator in app or software products. A high-quality digital product — whether it’s a software platform or mobile app — will represent your brand well in a competitive marketplace.

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What Does the QA Testing Process at GearedApp Look Like?

Any story created must be tested. As an integral part of the GearedApp team, we have a dedicated QA tester who reviews every software project in line with defined processes and acceptance criteria.


Acceptance Criteria

The QA process starts with Acceptance Criteria. Setting out straightforward guidelines is the very first step in briefing developers about what tools they need, and what actions need to be taken to ensure a software project can be considered ‘completed’.

Acceptance criteria provides a clear step-by-step process meaning that the QA testing process is broken down into individual steps and into multiple environments. This ensures that the team isn’t just testing on development, but also on staging, production and release.

QA acceptance criteria determines whether the test was a success or failure. However, success is a grey area and the definition of ‘completed’ varies from one software development project to the next. Either way, this buffer provides the opportunity for bugs and issues to be identified, logged, then fixed later down the line.


QA Review

Aligned with the acceptance criteria, the QA Review is the stage when a product tester will take a look at how well the code functions, and how the software looks. At this point, the decision is made whether the code passes the initial criteria that was outlined at the start of the project. If the code fails, it returns back to development. If it passes, it moves on to the next release stage of the software or program.

For the development team, the QA review creates a safety net to ensure that the software project is being built properly, and according to the client’s specifications. Taking an agile approach gives members of the development team the chance to give feedback and offer constructive comments at the code review that will improve the project before it progresses further.


What is Agile QA Testing?

Agile software development allows QA to move earlier up in the development process. Software teams who prioritise QA and include it at the earliest possible opportunity in a project have the ability to work quickly while continuously maintaining quality.

Getting developers involved in agile QA opens the floor for more eyes and ears to invest in the success of a project right from the very start. Being a part of early conversations gives developers an opportunity to sense-check project goals and have some background of the scope throughout the entire development life-cycle.

Not only is an agile approach to QA testing more efficient, but it also removes the need to leave testing up until the end of a project.


The Benefits of Agile QA Testing

  • Flexible work methods allow development teams to be adaptable to changes highlighted by QA testing.
  • Modular project units make it easier to identify bugs and issues throughout the development process.
  • Greater efficiency preserves precious time, budget and resources.
  • Handling projects in manageable, bite-sized parts allows clients to receive regular feedback.
  • Heightened project transparency allows developers to respond to and implement feedback from end-users.


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Quality Assurance Testing Best Practices: What Makes QA “Airtight”?

Airtight” QA ensures that development teams stay on track and continue to build a product that meets the client’s requirements and expectations. Having an ability to prioritise tasks and individual sections of a development project is key to success.

High-quality QA testing relies on consistency and ironing out technical difficulties quickly and efficiently. Using real-life examples to improve software, or drawing on insights from data analysis, only strengthen the effectiveness of QA tests.

Teams who take pride in quality, ask plenty of questions along the way, and generate multiple ideas and solutions, are far better equipped to proactively deal with software bugs or coding glitches. Finally, “Airtight” QA is all about having the ability to step into the end-user’s shoes to understand what truly matters to them.


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