Achieve rich user experience, interactivity and functionality with a bespoke web application

What Makes Web Apps Unique?

Each of our bespoke web apps are custom built. A web application can be viewed from your browser just like a standard website, however unlike an ‘out of the box’ website solutions, we build functionality that fits your purpose.

Web apps benefit both you and your customers, as we can achieve a tailored user experience and provide meaningful interactivity. By building a bespoke web platform this also provides an opportunity to streamline processes by connecting with your other digital services or mobile apps.


Web App Features

Depending on your objectives a web app can be built to solve or improve your processes, provide a new online service or augmenting an existing service or product.

Web apps are responsive to any screen, and we build smooth animations and scrolling to improve User Experience on a mobile device. This means that they are a perfect solution for gathering data and displaying interactive visualisations across devices.Build a powerful tailored e-commerce platform for selling products and services

We can even tie your web app in with existing apps and websites to create a custom, mobile responsive CMS for your platform.

Enterprise Level Web Applications

Build a solution that is tailored to your business needs. We’ll work with you to integrate web apps with your workflow to create useful tools that extend your digital platform. For example:

  • Responsive to any screen and has smooth animations and scrolling to improve User Experience on a mobile device.
  • Digitise processes by building online forms with bespoke analytics and reporting
  • Report and display statistics and results in a visually impactful way using graphs and infographics.
  • Create engaging training tools using quizzes, videos and gamification techniques.
Make recording data, information or photos seamless via a mobile responsive web app.

Straightforward and Hassle-free!

We take the hassle out of building a web app by guiding you through the process from start to finish.

We’ll work with you throughout the scoping process to ensure you have an air-tight set of requirements before we get started. We’ll keep you in the loop throughout development and let you know when we need any feedback.

After the web app has been launched we aren’t going anywhere, and will be there to support the web app going forward. We evaluate all of our web apps after a 6-months so that we can assess whether any updates are needed.

Sound Good?

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