Power a Life

A Tech for Good Series

Our values are a massive driving force in the work and projects we do at GearedApp. We want to build a technologically connected world that’s accessible, inclusive, secure, healthy and socially aware. That’s why Tech for Good lies at the heart of our company DNA.

We’ve created a video series where Director Josh Carson chats with values-led business owners and discusses what Tech for Good means to them.

In this episode, we have a conversation with Jeremie Warner, Founder of Power a Life. They’re a buy-one-give-one company that provides solar lights and other essential learning resources to children across Africa.

Providing Portable Power For All

Power a Life was born from the mission to deliver high-quality portable power products to facilitate our digital lifestyles. For every product sold, they provide developing communities with the resources to meet the electrical, digital and power-related challenges they face head-on.

Jeremie explains that Power a Life believes strongly in Tech for Good, but the company goes beyond that to provide so much more in the real world. Supported by learning materials and notebooks, Power a Life is always on the lookout for innovative, transformational and scalable ways to help communities that need it most.

We discuss the meaning of social enterprises, making a profit as a Tech for Good company, the necessity of adapting to customer and corporate trends, and ultimately making a positive difference in the world through the power of business.

Join us, as we chat about

Buying to Give

The world of ‘buying to give’ and corporate gifting, along with the real-world positive impacts Tech for Good can help achieve.


Empowering local leaders and people from diverse backgrounds through Tech for Good initiatives.

Customer Habits

Consumer savviness towards products that ‘do good’ in the world, and what that means for corporate companies looking to stay ahead of the curve.


Challenges of running a profitable small business that aims to thrive as a Tech for Good company in practice.

Social Enterprises

How social enterprises and companies looking to make a positive impact have grown and evolved into a Tech for Good movement.

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Here at GearedApp, we put people and ethics at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about making a positive difference with Tech for Good companies, helping them bring their vision to life with powerful technology and innovative apps.

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