A Tech for Good Series

Our values are a huge driving force in the work and projects we do at GearedApp. We want to build a technologically connected world that’s accessible, inclusive, secure, healthy and socially aware. That’s why Tech for Good lies at the heart of our company DNA.

We’ve created a video series where Co-founder Josh Carson chats with values-led business owners and discusses what Tech for Good means to them.

In this episode, we talk with Callum Murray, Founder of Amiqus. Amiqus was founded in 2015 after Callum experienced the civil court process first hand and was motivated to help improve access to legal information and support.
Amiqus’ remote identity verification tool provides remote staff and client onboarding for organisations across the UK, helping them to manage their compliance securely and digitally. Working with the Scottish Government and NHS, Amiqus is trusted by hundreds of businesses across multiple sectors and is accredited by regulatory bodies throughout the UK.

Enabling Civil Justice for Everyone

In 2008, founder Callum Murray was looking for legal and financial support for his business. He discovered that finding and accessing that support was complex, time consuming and expensive. This is where his vision of Amiqus arose – Calum believed that expertise and information could and should be accessible for everyone.

Amiqus has grown to be recognised as a trusted and secure online point of access for not only legal support and financial services, but also for those moving home or job that are in need of readily-available support.
Partnering with ProxyAddress, Amiqus uses their platform to help those faced with homelessness avoid being severed from support the moment they lose their address. Amiqus build value for the long term and are proud to use business as a force for good

Join us, as we chat about


The challenges across a number of industries in onboarding and sharing information, and how tech can help in simplifying this process.

Using Tech

Technological advancements and the way in which individuals adapt to changing processes and systems.


How Amiqus uses their business as a force for good, utilising their platform to provide financial services to vulnerable groups.

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