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At GearedApp, we like to help support other local companies when we can. We feel that it’s incredibly important to help boost the Scottish economy and make a social impact by working together to make a difference.

This year we decided to support a local social entrepreneur who is making waves across Scotland by raising awareness of mental health issues.

Josh’s Story

Josh Quigley is an Edinburgh Based entrepreneur who has a track record for running successful social media company, SharkDog. After silently suffering from depression for some time, Josh attempted to take his own life on May 26th 2015.

Against all odds, Josh survived his suicide attempt. With a new perspective, he has made it his mission to inspire other people suffering from mental health issues. He seeks to eliminate taboos, create discussion and ultimately prevent suicide. With a dream of saving millions of lives all around the world, Josh is becoming the global ambassador for mental health awareness, AKA The Tartan Explorer.

In May 2016, Josh is leaving Edinburgh to cycle around the world on a global challenge to raise awareness of mental health. He’s going to travel to over 80 countries, spread over 6 different continents.

Online Presence

To compliment this, Josh plans to create the world’s largest online community for mental health awareness. To help him achieve this, we have worked with Josh to build a website that will form an online communication hub throughout his Journey.

We wanted this to be a way for people to keep up with his adventure, so have consolidated all of his latest videos, blogs and social media updates in the one place. You can also check out his progress and route on his interactive map.

It has been fantastic working with Josh, and we are looking forward to continuing to support The Tartan Explorer in their quest to raise awareness for mental health conditions globally.

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