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Ok, so this sounds fairly washy washy from its title, but stay with me – it’s actually something brilliant.

We are often talking about the Power of Youth, and its impact on us, the amazing people it attracts and their vision, however this week was the first time that one of their events was opened up to non-members – The Festival for Beautiful Business.

Over the last few events we have all said; “wouldn’t it be great if we could share this with our friends”. PoY responded with The Festival For Beautiful Business, a 1 day taster event where they bundled up 60 people and threw them into the beautiful setting that is Harburn house.

Unlike their programmes, this one had a little more relaxed format with many people catching up with old friends and making new ones. As per, PoY did a brilliant job of making this look easy and through a few short games, we were all (re)acquainted.

The format of the day saw us spend the morning exploring the values that PoY try to encapsulate as well as tell those who didn’t know (including myself) the history of how they came about. From there, we questioned a panel of veteran members of the programme about their thoughts and views on various issues with the current climate around business. After a stellar hog roast lunch we tackled the post lunch slouch with some energetic games. However, no PoY game is without its lessons, and the lessons learnt through this particular game was how you can derive metaphors for how to conduct business from anything and always try and look at the bigger picture.

As the day wound down we spent some time learning about the various programmes and opportunities that the Power of Youth can help facilitate. Then as always we were given an opportunity to help one another through ‘an offer’ and ‘a would like’, before having some time to spend wandering around the grounds and having nice chats with cool people.

Onwards to the pub.

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