Making sure we are at the cutting edge

We build apps across many platforms, including:



Our team have years of experience in building and releasing iPhone and iPad apps for the AppStore. Depending on the project, we will either use Native or cross-platform development technologies.


We build apps across all available Android devices on the market. There are many Android device manufacturers, screen sizes etc, and we and ensure apps are tailored to the devices that they are targetted towards.


Bespoke web apps and websites for any device. Our web platforms come in all shapes and sizes, across a variety of technologies, and deliver scalability and responsiveness in one platform.


Apps don’t just mean mobile! We can work with various Android devices to build bespoke apps that fit your needs, including Android TV.

Technologies and Approaches

Agile Development

Agile can mean different things to different teams, but for us this means 2-week sprints, regular updates and lots of collaboration with our customers. By setting clear 2-week development sprints we can test early on and respond to changing priorities.

Selecting Your Tech Stack

No two projects are alike, and we prefer to pick our technology stack dependant on the project needs. We will usually hold a scoping session with the team first to make sure we are on the same page, then propose our solution.



We put emphasis on selecting technologies that will scale with the foreseen demand, so we will discuss your development roadmap and future plans before we select your stack.

Development Best Practices


We ensure that our platforms are safe from attack, hold data securely and follow all of the latest data protection regulations. This includes using appropriate encryption and authentication techniques, and also advising, testing and maintaining platforms going forward to prevent issues after launch.

Code Review

Peer code reviews help us to keep each other accountable and check the quality of code throughout our projects. At the end of each project sprint, code is reviewed before it is then passed on for QA testing, eliminating potential issues.

Continuous Integration

Using the most current CI tools we can deploy our code throughout the project, rather than waiting for delivery milestones only to find big issues. This means we deliver code more rapidly, spend less time debugging and more time adding features.