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Our values are a huge driving force in the work and projects we do at GearedApp. We want to build a technologically connected world that’s accessible, inclusive, secure, healthy and socially aware. That’s why Tech for Good lies at the heart of our company DNA.

We’ve created a video series where Director Josh Carson chats with values-led business owners and discusses what Tech for Good means to them.

In this episode, we talk with Anna Freeman, Founder of Zavfit. Zavfit is pioneering the money fitness movement, harnessing open banking and increased awareness of mental wellbeing to help people get ‘MoneyFit’ with technology.

Bridging the Gap Between Personal Finance and Mental Wellbeing

Personal wellbeing is affected by a whole suite of factors, from physical and mental to environmental and financial. Using a combination of financial data and psychological research, Zavfit are on a mission to support people’s everyday financial wellbeing.

During this chat, Anna takes us on a deep dive about the meaning of financial wellbeing and the importance of getting people engaged with their money. We talk about how Tech for Good and progressive applications using personal financial data can help people avoid money-related stresses and live happier, worry-free lives.

We uncover what it’s like for the team at Zavfit being one of the first health solutions for money on the market, where the outcome for users focuses on improving wellbeing by managing finances and spending habits.

Anna explains how Zavfit have successfully applied Tech for Good principles that focus on helping people, while running a profitable and thriving modern company that treats its customers fairly.

Join us, as we chat about

  • The frustrations surrounding innovation in the finance and investment world that are traditionally driven by regulatory requirement, rather than customer need — and the role Tech for Good plays in flipping the status quo on its head.
  • The game-changing nature of Open Banking and the European Payment Services Directive that harnesses data securely to help level the playing field for emerging Fintechs and startups like Zavfit.
  • Why there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to personal wellbeing, the appreciation that everyone’s personal journey is unique, and why progressive applications of technology must be flexible to adapt to different ideas of health and wellbeing.

Anna Freeman

Anna Freeman is the Founder & CEO of ZavFit.

Anna was born and brought up near London and her passion for health, fitness and wellbeing started young. Sporty and musical, Anna represented England in Table Tennis as a teenager and for many years was a lead singer in a gospel choir. In her thirties she took up boxing, having her first competitive bout just nine months later.

Anna gained her Batchelor of Science from UCL in Technology & Management, and then went on to enjoy a successful career in the FinTech space, largely in the City. She worked with multiple start-ups including a role in the founding leadership team at Calastone. Calastone was identified by the UK government as a ‘Future Fifty’ company and is now the largest global funds network, connecting the world’s leading financial organisations.

Anna identified that a healthy money mindset is a crucial dimension of health and wellbeing, an observation made following her own very personal journey to wellbeing. However, it is a dimension that is consistently overlooked as a health issue by both the health and finance sectors. In fact, money is the #1 cause of mental health problems around the world.

Anna’s passion for wellbeing, and desire to make an impact, saw the creation of ZavFit in 2017. ZavFit is the first company to identify and address money stress as a health issue. In response, ZavFit has built the first health tool for money that focuses on improving the health and happiness of the individual as an outcome. MoneyFitness has been called a game changer by the Health industry.

Anna lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two step children.

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