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Our values are a huge driving force in the work we do at GearedApp. We want to build a technologically connected world that’s accessible, inclusive, secure, healthy and socially aware. That’s why Tech for Good sits at the heart of our company DNA.

We’ve created a video series where Director Josh Carson chats with values-led business owners and discusses what Tech for Good means to them.

In this episode, we sat down with Gavin Neate, Founder of Neatebox. Neatebox is on a mission to deliver disability-aware customer service software that improves the interactions between staff and disabled people, making the world a more inclusive and accessible place for all.

Identifying Sustainable, High-Growth Tech for Good Solutions

One of the core elements of Tech for Good works to compliment the lives of people living with disabilities, not compromise or force them to adjust to challenging everyday activities.

In this episode, Gavin explains how Neatebox was able to strike a balance between successful business investment and putting Tech for Good values into action, by flipping the traditional B2B SaaS model on its head for everyone’s advantage.

As a loud and proud Tech for Good solution, Neatebox provides businesses with the technological means to support disabled or impaired users, while simultaneously strengthening customer relationships across the board.

Beyond that, Gavin explains how Neatebox helps to encourage staff members to become more aware of how to tailor specific services for everyone to deliver an all-round better customer experience.

We explore how forward-thinking companies, and their investors, can treat apps for good as a means to turn high-growth opportunities into a reality. Neatebox is living proof that a strong Tech for Good business model does not need to be a trade-off between turning a profit and genuinely helping people.

Join us, as we chat about

  • Building sustainable, high-growth technology solutions that create greater accessibility for those living with a disability, as well as the wider public.
  • Finding a business model that harnesses technology in a way that wins the support and funding of local councils and government bodies while working to enhance the lives of people living with disabilities or impairments.
  • The importance of staff training based on proximity to people with disabilities through tech and apps for good.

Choose Tech for Good With GearedApp

Here at GearedApp, we put people and ethics at the heart of everything we do. We’re passionate about making a positive difference with Tech for Good companies, helping them bring their vision to life with powerful technology and innovative apps.

Our in-house team of talented developers go the extra mile to transform your social impact technology idea into a viable product.

Get in touch today or visit our blog to find out more about us.

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