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In order to give back to the developer community, we have decided to support a local organisation that we think is doing awesome things using the power of technology.

Code Your Future is a non-profit organisation that support refugees and disadvantaged individuals with the dream of becoming developers.

Their 8-month web development programme runs across the world in London, Manchester, Medellín, Rome and Glasgow. The aim is to give people the opportunity to learn skills that will give them opportunities and help them achieve their dreams.

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We strongly believe that everyone should have access to opportunities like these, and are proud to support Code Your Future. So far we have made a contribution towards childcare costs of a student on a Code Your Future course. We hope to continue to work with the team in Scotland, and to give more people the opportunity to work with React and React Native, our favourite technologies!

To find out more about Code Your Future and opportunities to support or volunteer with the organisation, check out their website here.

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