Maps, GPS and Beacons

GPS and location-based features

We specialise in building with GPS and location-based technologies, including:

Interactive Maps

Provide dynamic interactive maps for your users so that they can easily find what they are looking for. Add features such as point clustering, custom icons and directions to improve the user experience of your map.


Geo-fencing is the perfect solution for providing content to users based on their location. By setting the radius of a location, you can set a trigger in your app for an event. For example, send a marketing message to a user when they are walking into a store.


Beacons allow us to set in-app triggers without the need for GPS. These small devices are powered by bluetooth, which means we can be more precise with the triggers we set. A great example of beacon technology would be to unlock audio descriptions at a rural or indoor location, with limited data or GPS.


We work with a variety of map services to provide interactive maps within our platforms. The service we use depends on the project requirements. Google Maps is usually the preferred provider, however, we also work with MapBox and Ordnance Survey maps where an extra level of detail is required.

What This Could Mean for Your Platform

Asides from being used for directions and navigation, location features can also be extremely effective when it comes to engaging with users on a deeper level and can be applied to many commercial scenarios. By visualising their location on a map, and even sharing content based on their location, you can really bring to life and gamify an experience.

The Sports Stadium Example

One example could be at a sports stadium – use maps to direct the user to your location. Once they arrive at the stadium you could send a welcome message or advertisement, and unlock information about the game. Geo-fencing could be used to detect that they were at the stadium and allow the user to participate in game-day competitions and events. Meanwhile, users who are outside the stadium could simultaneously be sent real-time match updates by push notification, without interfering with those at the game.

Tour Tag Loyalty App

We worked with Tour Tag to develop a first of its kind, location-based loyalty app for golf players. The app allows users to collect loyalty points for every round of golf they play using a location-based check-in feature. These points can then be exchanged for rewards within the golfing industry.

Digital Building Blocks

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