Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Straight into the pocket of your users. All of our apps are built bespoke to your specification and requirements

Enter new markets and win new audiences with an original product

Turn years of experience into software to optimize your industry processes

Cover specific business needs when there are no ready-made solutions

Increase your investment value and open new revenue streams

We're Here for the Journey

Software doesn’t just exist, it needs to be cared for. Once your project is completed, it’s important that it’s regularly reviewed to ensure that it’s secure and working as intended. Over time any third parties, APIs and libraries that we use might require updates, or might even need to be replaced.

Have peace of mind that you have a full development team by your side to take care of everything along the way.

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Dedicated Support Portal

As time goes by, there can be any number of small issues that occur as technology evolves and your platform is used in the wild. Occasionally you may spot something that we haven’t yet found.

In order to ensure everything is well documented and tracked we will provide you with a dedicated support portal to report any issues you have, and ask for any help from the team. This allows us to keep you up-to-date and for communication to remain transparent.

Monitoring and Scheduled Testing

In order to support your platform well, we actively monitor for any issue so that we try to catch anything before your users do.

We use a variety of monitoring tools, to maintain a high level of quality and consistency. We also schedule in-depth manual tests with our QA team regularly so that we can stay ahead of any issues.

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Our Process

What to expect working with GearedApp

Agile Development Experts

We understand that to get the best outcome for your product you constantly learn and iterate your ideas throughout your project. Our Agile development process allows for exactly this. We have regular scrum meetings and communication with you throughout the process with each dev sprint lasting two weeks. This ensures we are all on the same page with the priorities and there are no nasty surprises. We work efficiently and with quality at the heart of everything we do.
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Initial Consultation

Discuss your idea with our experts and we will provide an initial estimate.


A period of research, design and planning, so that the team can start prepare for development.

Build & Iterate

2-week Agile development sprints, with set priorities for each sprint, and continuous iteration until project completion.

Ongoing Development

Ongoing development or support arrangement, depending on your needs.

What our Clients are Saying


GearedApp is always on time and very enthusiastic. They’re truly invested in our idea and success. Twice a week, I see demos, and they’re very impressive. GearedApp’s organizational skills are tremendous. Their ability to translate what they’re doing to a layman is incredible. What’s more, their communication skills are excellent nothing hidden from us; the transparency is superb. Their team’s commitment to the cause is tangible.

Del, Eventace

They are a really nice team and they deliver, helping to prioritise what was important to stick to my timescale and budget. They completely revamped it and I'm delighted with it.

Lizzie, Lolve Gift

Very trustworthy, really good communication and very good relationship with the team. Really creative and adaptable to get the project to where we needed it to be.

Sara, Aviagen

It’s been a highly collaborative process and they continue to be flexible so they absolutely deliver to timescales where necessary. They’re very professional, but also very friendly, so the partnership is always accommodating and relaxing.

Jennifer, Raven

The communication was really good and helpful throughout the process. If we had an idea they bent over backwards to try to accommodate it and were very transparent so we could prioritise what would have the biggest impact for our fundraising event. I wouldn’t have any hesitation working with GearedApp again

Alex, My name'5 Doddie Foundation

Some of our Projects

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We eat, sleep and breathe mobile app development.

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