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What we did for Tour Tag

About the project

Tour Tag is a Scotland-based startup who saw a real opportunity to encourage people to get out and play more golf. Golf is a historic sport in Scotland and attracts visitors from around the world during golf opens and the summer season. However, in recent years, golf has been on the decline in Scotland, and is predominantly played by older golfers. For this reason, golf courses struggle with gaining memberships, particularly among younger players, and often find they have empty tee times. Tour Tag’s aim is to encourage and incentivise golfers to play more and to make golf more attractive to potential golfers, by bringing a technological aspect to the game. In order to solve this problem, we worked with Tour Tag to develop a first of its kind, location-based loyalty app for golf players.

Mobile App

A Location-based Loyalty App

We built a mobile app that brings golfing and technology together and encourages golfers to play more, by rewarding all who simply love golf. Available on both iOS and Android, the app allows users to collect loyalty points for every round of golf they play using a location-based check-in feature. These points can then be exchanged for rewards within the golfing industry, such as on-course green fees, coaching, equipment, food & drink, stay & play packages and more. The app is monetised using a freemium subscription model, which provides app users with additional rewards and removes ads for a monthly fee.
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Incentivising and rewarding activity

In order to further incentivise users to use the app, we built gamification elements into the app. Not only to users receive points for every round played, but they will also receive badges and achievements based on their activity and the types of rewards they use. These badges challenge users to achieve certain milestones, such as checking in at a certain number of courses, or playing at a certain time of day. When a user receives a badge, they collect even more points that can be used against more rewards.

Admin Dashboard

Manage users and content

Alongside the mobile apps, a bespoke web dashboard was developed to allow the management of geo-locations, rewards, badges and user profiles. We also included advanced push notification management to allow Tour Tag to send out tailored push notifications to users.


See it in Action

Visit the landing page, where you can view all of the websites

Development Route

Building to spec

We developed the app using React Native, with a React admin dashboard. By building a bespoke platform, we had the flexibility to focus on Tour Tag’s core goals for this initial version of their app, and deliver those well. This also allowed us to build the iOS and Android versions of the app simultaneously, and provide native mobile apps for both platforms. In order to build an app that can reward users for completing a round of golf seamlessly, we researched different options and finally decided to implement geofences. These geofences allow us to map a geographical area that will trigger the app to add points to the user’s account when they enter the area. Behind the scenes, we added the ability to add these geographical areas from the bespoke admin dashboard, so Tour Tag have the flexibility to add, remove and edit these.

Our Stack

React Native, React, Firebase, Radar.Io, Google Maps, Netlify

The End Result

What this project means for Tour Tag

We developed a functioning and effective MVP for Tour Tag, which has allowed them to fully launch their product, begin onboarding users and attract investment. The app itself is unique and innovative. Developed in a way that will help change the face of golfing in Scotland, and hopefully encourage golfers to get out and play more.

The next steps for the app are to continue to build a user base, onboard new reward partners, and further develop the app to provide even more rewards and incentivisation so that we can push the concept out across the UK and even globally in time.

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