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What we did for Robotical

About the project

We worked with Robotical, an Edinburgh-based EdTech to build a digital platform to empower their educational Robot, Marty 2. 

Robotical are on a mission to raise the next generation of coders, developers and data scientists. In order to achieve their goal, they developed Marty, an educational Robot that helps to teach children to code in an engaging and interactive way. Marty helps adults to break down the barriers, making learning about technology both fun and accessible for the young coders of today.

After meeting at various networking events in 2019, GearedApp had the unique opportunity to work with Robotical on their second robotic adventure. Robotical reached out to GearedApp looking for an experienced team to build their web and mobile app platform to support their next learning robot, Marty 2.

Learning Platform

Web access for teachers

We kickstarted the project by working on a new online platform specifically designed to provide teachers and students with access to Robotical’s learning materials. Without the online platform, Robotical had to send out modules and learning resources by hand to teachers; this was a time-consuming process.

Building the platform not only saved the Robotical team time and energy, but it provides support for teachers to deliver more effective coding classes. Additionally, it means that Robotical can deliver its tech solution to scale.

The Mobile Apps

Available on iOS and Android

The next stage in the project involved creating a new mobile app to correlate with the launch of the start-up’s Marty 2. The all new Marty 2 is an upgrade to the previous version, which provides more interactivity and has additional connectivity features to make the whole experience more streamlined for teachers and students. To reflect these new improved features, we designed and developed a new mobile app to coincide with the launch of Marty 2.

Bluetooth and IOT

Connected hardware with bluetooth and wifi

The new Marty 2 was designed with new Bluetooth connectivity. This means that teachers can now use either wifi or bluetooth to connect with the robots, solving lots of issues in schools without wifi. As part of this new set-up, Robotical required a mobile app that would allow students to navigate the robot and access coding features without a computer.

In order to build a mobile app that could communicate with the robot, we worked closely with the in-house team at Robotical. Together we worked iteratively, and built various prototypes throughout the process to test these connections. As a result Marty 2 can be used to teach coding in any environment.

“We engaged GearedApp to work on the app for Marty 2 and a complimentary website for primary and secondary teachers. GearedApp provided proactive support and delivered improvements at lightning speed. Their agile methodology made us feel included at all times and we appreciated being able to have direct communication with their developers. This was our first time outsourcing developers and we were very happy with their work. It has been a successful partnership and we hope to do more work with GearedApp in the future.”

Sandy, founder of Robotical

The End Result

Agile Development with Robotical

The Marty 2 app, learning resource platform and robot are all now live, and in use globally. The success of the project relied on close collaboration between GearedApp and Robotical; Agile teamwork playing a pivotal role in this.

Close collaboration made it possible to overcome challenges quickly and efficiently. Ultimately, the Agile process ensured that the new app and hardware developments remained compatible, ensuring we were able to launch together. As well as allowed us to continuously evaluate and respond to any changing requirements over time.

We are delighted with the results of this project and helping Robotical to achieve their tech for good mission of building the next generation of coders.

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