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About the project

We worked with HR Solver to build an app platform that provides an HR advisor in your pocket. With recent changes in how people access employment law support, HR Solver recognised the need for flexible and adaptable employment law support. This mobile app means that users can access information on their rights, and even start chatting to an advisor using instant messaging, from quick questions through to complex enquiries. We built apps for iOS and Android devices, a website to inform users of the app features, and an admin dashboard that can be used by advisors and HR Solver staff to update the app content.

The Mobile Apps

Available on iOS and Android

The app helps users work out their rights by providing salary and holiday entitlement calculators and glossaries to breakdown HR jargon. For more complex issues, easily and instantly chat with an HR Solver specialist consultant. Users also have access to a curated news feed of important employment law updates that are relevant to their industry and will be notified of any important news that they should be aware of.

App users can choose from a number of affordable subscriptions and plans at the fraction of the price of legal fees that could apply, based on their required duration level of support.

Behind the Scenes

Admin Dashboard

We built a bespoke web dashboard for the HR Solver team to manage the app. This is available across any browser and allows consultants to add articles and content, send out industry-specific push notifications, and manage user accounts. This platform was designed with simplicity and usability in mind.

See it in Action

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The End Result

What this project means for HR Solver

After extensive beta testing, acting on early users feedback, the new app product has been launched and is now bridging the gap in employment law support for its users. This project has allowed HR Solver to scale up, and to provide support to people they would not have been able to reach otherwise. They are now able to provide aid to people looking for help with issues relating to their employment simply through their mobile devices. HR Solver has plans to further develop and expand the platform to increase efficiency and add more value and support to users over time.

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