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One of our interns is leaving today. Olivier has been working with us for 4 months, but unfortunately has to head to university back in France so he can keep developing his amazing coding ability.

We asked Olivier to tell us about his experience this summer and give a bit of insight into working with GearedApp:

“Before coming to Scotland this summer, I did quite a lot of online research looking for a job where I could advance my development skills. Being from France, I was looking for a development company who were based abroad so that I could learn about other cultures and languages. I found the GearedApp website online, and it looked pretty good and I saw that they where building mobile and web apps with languages like JavaScript, which was exactly what I was looking for. So I got in touch, and before I knew it I was in Scotland.

My role involved developing web applications, mainly back end development. I worked with the team, including a designer, frontend developer and project manager, and worked on 2 main projects during my internship, a hybrid mobile app and a web app, which was for a real live client.

I found it cool working with a commercial project and being able to watch clients and users test a live version, try out new features and give feedback (even when the found the odd a bug!). That kind of live user testing isn’t really possible with a personal project, and it’s difficult to find people to test your work and help you. During the testing phase of the project we would all sit around a large screen and go through and test the application together. This was really helpful, testing the platform as a team, and helped us to find and resolve issues quickly and progress faster.

The most challenging aspect, but also the one that taught me the most, was building an online shop system. Managing products and pricing with the VAT, managing bills and configuring payment gateways ware all things that I had no previous experience with. It may seem simple to an outsider’s perspective, however it turned out to be pretty complex, but rewarding to learn about.
I also learned how to work with Heroku and AWS –while I was familiar with these, I had never used them before. They’re awesome tools and I’m now using for my personal projects.

I’ve really enjoyed life in in Edinburgh – it has been very pleasant, despite the weather not being as nice as in France, although I don’t really mind that. I have to admit, I have missed the French cuisine, but the crazy number of beers to sample in Scotland has definitely compensated for that! Before I came here I was warned about the horrible Scottish accent, but I had no problem with the accent at all, so that was a relief.

Overall I have loved feeling motivated about going to work every morning because I enjoyed my role at GearedApp. It really didn’t feel like a job for me. It was an awesome four months and I learned so much about the teamwork and project management. The team warmly welcomed me and integrated me as a part of the company, and trusted me with real responsibilities. When I’m back at school I’ll really miss working with a great team in a nice place. I know that’s not very common and that I’ll not always be able to do something I enjoy.

If I could give a tip to future employees or interns at GearedApp, I would say, don’t be scared to communicate any problems and asking the team if you are doing the right thing, so you don’t go off track. They were happy to sit and talk to me about any problems or questions I had and I felt comfortable to not know the answer every time they asked a question.

It has been great to have Olivier, and we wish him all the best with his studies, and hopefully one day he can come back :).

Au revoir

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