21 May 2014

NLP Therapy

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Lara Findlay

The idea behind the app was thought up by NLP practitioner Valerie Walker, who currently uses NLP therapy to help sufferers of IBS in and around the Edinburgh area. According to Valerie, 10-20% of the British population suffer from IBS, a condition that can often be triggered by and result in negative behaviour patterns. The NLP Therapy app can help users control and manage negative patterns and reduce the feelings of panic associated with IBS. The NLP therapy app achieves this using NLP tools and techniques that can help to relieve a stressful situation or change your mind-set, and can be used from anywhere in the world so long as you have your device with you.

This project was exciting and different for us as a team. For a start, the use of sound and media content in the app was new to us. Previously we had worked with video files (See our Dirtschool portfolio) and as a creative computing student, Josh has previously worked with sound, film and animations. However producing this content and incorporating these all into the app was a big task. In order to handle such a large quantity of media content, which includes 3 animated videos, a film and 4 audio files, we managed to get 3 Napier students on board – Margit, Jakub and Radi. These students were absolutely invaluable to the project and helped us turn Valerie’s ideas into a reality – Thanks guys!

NLP Therapy
NLP Therapy

This project involved numerous stages:

  • Working out a scenario that would compliment the NLP technique
  • Working out what this would look and feel like
  • Writing the scripts to go along with the techniques
  • Then we had to record, film and animate!

…. Oh yeah, and building the app.

On the other hand, working with 7 people to build an app was challenging as a project manager. It was often difficult conveying concepts from one person to another and I found myself talking in terms like ‘slow, soft ripples’ and ‘angry, red jagginess’.

This project was also exciting as it was our first health app. The number of health apps on the market is booming – there are estimated to be over 40,000 health apps out there some of which are effective, and some aren’t. Many of these lack professional involvement and do very little other than tracking. A huge benefit of this app is that we built it with Valerie, who is a registered member of the Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming and the International NLP Trainer Association. Valerie gave us real insight into what was needed in order to change negative feelings and help the user.

The result of all our hard work is an app that can change the user’s patterns and behaviours and compliment other tools and therapies. We hope you enjoy it, pass it on to anyone you know who has IBS and hopefully help eliminate some stress.

For more information about NLP Therapy Edinburgh you can contact Valerie via her website – nlptherapyedinburgh

The app is available to download from Google Play today!

NLP Therapy