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I first met Josh at We Are The Future’s San Francisco pitching finals whilst photographing the event over a year ago. We got speaking and found out that I study the same course that Josh graduated from (Creative Computing).

After chatting, we decided to do a skill swap. GearedApp would build my freelance photography site in exchange for some photography work. However, shortly after we met I moved to Copenhagen to study abroad with ERASMUS+.

Fast forward a year, I have returned from my travels and have jumped into working with GearedApp. We have just completed an e-Placement Scotland video that was shown at ScotSoft! As more projects roll in they invited me to join the team as a Junior Art Director.

I have worked as a freelance photographer/videographer for a few years already under my own steam. I hope that working with GearedApp will allow me to continue my professional development and pick up skills in other areas too.

After studying concept development in Copenhagen for a year, I am really looking forward to putting this to practice. I hope this will compliment my content creation and allow me to blend two skill-sets together.

The opportunity to work within a developed start-up is ideally suited to me. It offers flexibility alongside my studies, and I’m able to pursue personal development within the design sector. It adds an extra asset to the team’s arsenal, and the opportunity to produce more complete packages internally. This is more convenient for all of us, so smiles all round!

Overall I’m very excited to get stuck in. I’m looking forward to work as part of an awesome team who are keen to harness my enthusiasm to learn and build relevant experience. I just hope they have forgiven me for missing their 1st birthday whilst I was in Denmark… I’m sure they have!

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