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The global fitness app market is expected to grow at an annual rate of 21.6% by 2028.


of devoted sports fans go online at least once per day to check in on their sport.


wearable device trackers were sold globally in 2020.


of UK fans watch sport exclusively on streaming platforms.


With so much growth in the space, and so many new sports and fitness apps entering the arena, competition is fierce. For organisations looking to produce digital sports and fitness products, there are many possible feature options that can bring sports and fitness to life: gamified app experiences, augmented reality, wearables, geo-location tracking and so on.

It can be tempting to try to compete by squeezing cool features into your platform. Before you get building it is important to know your end user inside and out, and make sure that what is being delivered is focussed and targeted to their needs.


With recent advances in technology, there have been countless opportunities in the sports and fitness industry that are made possible by mobile and IoT.

Fitness trackers and apps are now the norm among the general population, and the data analysis and visualisation that can be achieved with this data grows in sophistication every day. How other wearables are entering the market, from shows to t-shirts, which give real time feedback on performance.

With eSports taking off, how we stream and access content is evolving. Augmented reality brings huge opportunities. Think virtual fitness classes and a real-time virtual seat at a sports game!

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