A modern age of finance and banking


of the UK population use mobile devices to manage their finances.


of Brits use a digital-only bank to manage their finances.


Chatbots are on track to save banks $7.3 billion by 2023.


When it comes to building FinTech products, there are two large challenges that tie together, The first is cyber security, which is an essential part of planning from day one. We must work with our customers to ensure we are compliant with all legislation regarding data security

The second consideration is building trust with end users. With finance, if an app doesn’t have a seamless user experience, and demonstrate that it is secure, then users are likely to drop off very quickly. We pay particular attention to user experience, and communicating how our platforms work, in order to build trust with the end user.


There are an abundance of opportunities in FinTech: from automated chatbots that take the hassle out of picking up the phone, to Artificial Intelligence that allows financial organisations to streamline repetitive tasks and build scalable, smart processes. 

In an age of cloud computing, it is possible to develop complex financial platforms without the need for expensive servers and overheads. With traditional, incumbent providers slow to move within areas like investments, savings, insurance, and even regulating these processes (Regtech), there is plenty of room for entrants into the field.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation

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