Digital Health

Transforming healthcare through tech


of physicians believe that mobile health apps can improve patient’s health.


of hospitals that use mobile devices and tablets to collect data from patients are seen as more efficient than those who don’t.


of organisations are increasing their adoption of digital technologies to provide virtual support and ways of engaging with patients.


One of the challenges when building for digital health is the issue of security and data storage, and this is crucial for building trust with users, both with fitness and health professionals, and with patients/consumers. To ensure this we must work with cutting edge, secure and encrypted technologies that keep our user’s data secure.

Another challenge in this sector is that there are many tools, systems and platforms in the space, and getting these talking to one another can be tricky. However when data is shared between platforms and organisations, this unlocks exciting opportunities for the industry.


In general, people are increasingly willing to try non-traditional methods to accessing healthcare services. This includes virtual health via mobile or video, on demand services, and digital apps that provide therapy.

This acceptance, teamed with opportunities like wearable devices, smart trackers, artificial intelligence, and the power of connecting users via digital platforms, means that there are endless opportunities for digital health.

Digital Building Blocks

Some of our areas of specialisation

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