2 July 2021

How We Use Technology as a Force For Good

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In the UK there are 490 companies working under the descriptor “tech for social good”. However, like anything in the world, the term Tech for Good is highly subjective and it’s meaning differs with every person, organisation and entrepreneur.

At GearedApp, Tech for Good is one of those terms we use on the daily. But what does it actually mean to us, and how do we use it?

Join us as we explore everything Tech For Good, how we use it to incite change and the industries using technology to make the world a better place.


What Does Tech for Good Mean to Us?

Tech for Good is said to be the design, development and use of digital technologies to address social challenges. At its core, Tech for Good is the attitudes and behaviours of those using tech to incite change in society.

Recognising the enormous potential of technology for social impact, at GearedApp we view Tech for Good as a collective vision. Our mission is more than just making profit; we want to use our platform to make a difference.

Our team supports organisations big and small to build digital solutions that will make their difference to the world. We are proud to be part of a mission that recognises its power to do good.

Eventace Tech For Good platform


The Sectors Using Tech as a Force for Good


With 93% of physicians believing that mobile health apps can improve patient’s health, the care industry is one which is thriving alongside technological advancements. From health trackers to diagnosis apps, technology is helping to improve health. HealthTech is a great example of how tech can be used for good.


EdTech, or Educational Tech describes the practice of introducing technology to the classroom. For many, there are significant barriers to learning such as accessibility and special needs. Not only does technology create a more engaging and inclusive learning experience for students, it also means more accessibility for students with any number of special circumstances. With the Covid-19 pandemic acting as a catalyst in the process of adopting Edtech, it is being used globally to make learning more accessible.


The energy sector is one of the more predominant industries in the fight for change, using technological advancements to move away from fossil fuels to more sustainable options, such as renewable energy. As well as this, smart technology is on the rise, helping to cut down on our energy consumption. Tech for Good and sustainability go hand in hand.


When you think of finance, or Fintech your first thought may not be of this industry’s ethical values. However, increasingly companies within this industry are using their platform alongside technology to improve access to financial services. For example, online bank Monzo allows those without a fixed address to open a bank account changing the lives of homeless people internationally.


It can be argued that without technology the hospitality industry may not have survived the pandemic. Technological solutions are being used to ensure safe practices whilst retaining good customer service. Just think of how many cafes, bars and restaurants you have been to recently that are now using an ordering app or an online menu system. The hospitality industry is surviving with technology, and without it small businesses, employees and our economy would all be suffering.

Digital wellbeing


The Projects We’re Proud of


Robotical are on a mission to raise the next generation of coders, developers and data scientists. In order to achieve their goal, they developed Marty, an educational Robot that helps to teach children to code in an engaging and interactive way.

We worked with Robotical to build a digital platform to empower their educational Robot, Marty 2. We were delighted with the results of this project, helping Robotical to fulfill their Tech for Good mission. This is exactly the sort of project we love.


We worked with Scotland-based startup Eventace to build a platform that levels the playing field in the events industry. Eventace aims to help boost the events industry post-Covid and help smaller suppliers get in front of event organisers. This is needed now more than ever.

Within a month of launch the platform signed up over 100 suppliers, and is set to become the go-to platform for events organisers and suppliers in Scotland. We are extremely proud of our work with the Eventace team.

Equine Medical Solutions

Equine Medical Solutions‘ mission is to improve the understanding and treatment of equine cancer conditions. We worked with EMS to develop a functional mobile app to remotely diagnose and treat cancer in horses.

We’re delighted to witness EMS’s success using the system and look forward to watching them on their continued mission to help bring more horses back to health. HealthTech solutions like this are at the heart of our Tech for Good mission.

Scale Up Scotland

In 2017 it became clear to a number of Scottish entrepreneurs that the resources out there for businesses looking to scale-up were lacking. Scale Up Scotland launched in 2018, and is a not-for-profit organisation focused on helping businesses with high growth potential transition from startup to scaleup.

We helped Scale Up Scotland build a digital platform streamlining their support methods, and offering business support on a larger scale. The platform hopes to be the first port of call for those scaling up, becoming a leading source of support not just in Scotland but globally.

Marty the robot


Using our Platform for Good

At GearedApp, we love working on projects that make a difference – it’s what makes the job worthwhile. Our mission is to use our platform for good, building solutions which help others.

Whether it’s accessibility or functionality, tech is all about making life easier.


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