25 June 2021

How We Helped Equine Medical Solutions Create a Functional & Scalable Mobile App

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GearedApp Team

Remotely diagnosing and treating cancer in horses is no easy task, especially if your veterinary platform is outdated and vulnerable to mistakes.

Equine Medical Solutions (EMS) was founded in 2016 by Professor Derek Knottenbelt to take over the sarcoid referral service run through Leahurst at Liverpool Vet School. To realise their mission to improve the understanding and treatment of equine cancer conditions, EMS needed us to help optimise their platform with a functional app.

Keep reading to learn how we helped EMS build a functional and easy-to-use mobile app tailored to their existing platform to streamline their medical operations.

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Improving Efficiency & Accuracy with User-friendly Mobile App

EMS’s original system involved sending print photos and handwritten notes about the case back-and-forth between the patient site and EMS’ office. As the practice grew, EMS transitioned towards an online portal that proved cumbersome, error-prone, non-scalable, and time-consuming.

With the web platform, EMS received photos of lesions or evidence of cancer in emails. These emails and photos often lacked the necessary details EMS needed to diagnose the problem, leading to confusion and extra admin work.

Recognising their system wasn’t fit-for-purpose, EMS Director, Derek Knottenbelt, went searching for a more practical and secure method.

EMS required a system with end-to-end communication that allowed them to enter information into an app or online portal that would instantly update on the other end. The system also needed to include a payment gateway so vets could accept payments from clients on-site.

We were tasked to create an app that eliminated as many technical, medical, and therapeutic errors as possible within EMS’s veterinary platform. Additionally, it was imperative to EMS that their portal remained entirely usable for the whole duration of the project. Since EMS couldn’t change or remove their online portal, the newly developed app had to fit into it.

An Agile & Transparent Approach for Maximum Effectiveness

To kickstart the project, we sat down with EMS to discuss their challenges and what they needed from our team to create the optimal solution.

Using React Native, our talented developers then proceeded to build a multi-platform app where equine vets could log in to the EMS platform using their mobile devices and portal entry credentials.

Following our winning concept of agile methodology and a transparent approach, we worked closely with EMS to optimise their system. Our developers answered any questions EMS had during our weekly video meetings, and their team shared regular feedback and progress updates.

Both our and EMS’ team also ran multiple tests to ensure each system touchpoint operated seamlessly.

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Transforming a Basic Online Portal Into Intuitive Web & Mobile Platform

By introducing a mobile app that vets could use one the field when examining the horses, EMS could bypass extra admin work and give a user-friendly way to submit case information.

The integrated API allows EMS vets to enter clinical decisions on-site, which instantly and accurately updates the back-office system. This creates a single, accurate version of the truth across systems.

Our solution also allows easy access to essential information when required, including individual horse profiles, treatments, medical forms and information packs. Automation streamlines the medical procedure by saving vets or administrative staff from having to correct inaccuracies, or worse, travel back and forth with documents or to gather additional evidence.

The cutting-edge AI-based lesion scanner tool significantly reduces the risk for errors by capturing the problem accurately on the first try.

Additionally, standardising new case forms forces vets to enter a specific amount of details about a case, helping EMS create meticulous and complete records. Other EMS vets can then access all the information they need about a case to carry out any treatment or evaluation correctly.

The new application also helps EMS’s veterinarians assess and record a horse’s conditions. Instead of wasting time scrutinising poor-quality photos, the vets use the intuitive scanning tool to identify the lesion or tumour. The vet can then quickly decide the correct treatment for the horse.

Having the option to accept payments on the spot using their mobile device saves EMS vets time, results in higher client satisfaction and increases cash flow.

“GearedApp’s team is friendly, extremely efficient, and incredibly meticulous. Always happy to make adjustments to achieve the precise colour, buttons, layout, and functionalities. I love their optimism and positive attitude towards any challenges and enjoyed paying them for doing such a fantastic job.” –– Derek Knottenbelt, Director at Equine Medical Solutions

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A Successful App Integration & Partnership with EMS

Our level of collaboration and the dedication of both our teams empowered EMS to provide a faster, more accurate and more effective treatment to horses who need it.

After launching the new system, EMS can handle more cases simultaneously while still providing the best possible service. Optimising their operations also dramatically improved the company’s reputation, which, in turn, grew their client base.

This project perfectly aligned with one of our main passions: supporting Tech for Good causes. We’re delighted to witness EMS’s success using the system and look forward to watching in their continued mission to help bring more horses back to health.

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